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Streylan Karalis

Streylan's Crush

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Tiegan Oconnell
General Information

Tiegan is 18 going on 19 years old. Playby: Thomas Brodie Sangster.  He would be a Hermes child. Shipped with Sterylan, but open to having relations with others. (Jealous Streylan is fun to play)

He isn't that active but will help when and where he is needed. He is rather close to his siblings and tries to make them happy at all costs. He has a slight hate for his father but who in camp doesn't really? He isn't bad at things, but he isn't the best at them neither. He more or less draws a line right in the middle of things. 

He didn't have a rather good childhood as he and his older brother ran away from home when he was about six years old. Their mother was a drunk and blamed it all on the boys and would try to harm Tiegan but his older brother would always get in the way of that happening. 

Upon leaving the place, he and his brother lived on the stress with some other kids. Even though he was one of the youngest ones in the group, he had learned that he had the ability to get things without people noticing too much. There had been times where he was caught but got away. 

Most of his background is up to the writer, and what they feel works with the character. 

However, he was one of the couple people that Streylan had met when she got to camp. He along with Lilythe (who would be his half-sister) were the ones that made her feel more at ease with her life and losing her twin sister.

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