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Adelaide Young

Approved Adelaide Young

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Adelaide Alexandria Young
General Information
First Name: Adelaide
Last Name: Young
Godly Parent:
Mortal Parent: Erica Young
Mortal Siblings: Lucas Young, older brother
Other significant relatives? Michael Young, 'father'
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 13
Date of Birth: October 14th, 2005
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish
Pets:  Lucille, a ginger cat
Items of Importance:  A silver charm bracelet given to her by her mother
Weapons: Prefers words over weapons; currently armed with nothing but her fists
Face Claim:   Millie Bobby Brown

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'0"

General Appearance: Other than her slender stature, Addie would consider herself pretty average when it comes to appearance. She's maybe a bit on the shorter side, and barely 90 pounds soaking wet. Her skin is fair, and so far she's been lucky enough to only deal with pubescent acne in just minor bouts. Addie keeps her hair cut short, rarely letting it grow past her chin. When she does decide it's grown too long, she'll take a razor to it all --or if she can find someone who's somewhat competent with hair, to just half of it. She's not yet started growing into her "woman's body," something that has her a bit worried, In fact, with her short hair and androgynous body type, Addie frequently finds strangers referring to her in masculine pronouns.
Likes: Skyscrapers, strawberries, hot chocolate, all baby animals, exploring
Dislikes: Strangers thinking she's a boy, bugs, brussels sprouts, thunder, coffee
Strengths: Resilient, Optimistic, Eager, Trustworthy, Pascifist 
Weaknesses: Gullible,  Impulsive, Short-sighted, People pleaser,  Passive
Fatal Flaw: Naivete; Addie has always been overtrusting of people and seriously struggles to see that some people aren't always operating for the "greater good." 

General Character Traits:  Addie is a pretty friendly girl, but trusting to a fault.  It's a wonder she managed to survive walking the streets of Chicago alone with how easily and readily she trusts anyone's word.  The idea that some people are just inherently bad exists in her mind, but she struggles to bring it into reality.  She's the sort who'd hand over all the money in her wallet because someone told her they didn't have money to feed their family that night.

She's the sort who tends to jump right into any idea and leave the mess that it creates for future Addie to deal with.  So long as it doesn't involve any form of violence, that is.  Any conflict that Addie manages to find herself in, she prefers to handle with words rather than fighting.  She's never had any experience fighting before, and just judging by her small build, she doesn't expect she'd be very good at it.



Up until about three months ago, Adelaide Young's life had been completely normal, or at least as normal as a thirteen-year-old is willing to believe their life is.  She'd been the second and so far last child born to Erica and Michael Young, her brother Lucas born just two years earlier.    

She's never really known anything other than the city.  There was the odd field trip to some state park or whatever in school, but Addie never found herself drawn to the outdoors.  It was the concrete jungle that comforted her, the sounds of the streets her lullaby.

And it wasn't until recently that Addie even thought to question her parentage.  No one had ever given her reason to.  Not until that Satyr came to visit.  He spouted some nonsense about Gods and Demigods and all sorts of things that even Addie knew couldn't possibly be true.  But at the same time, it was hard to argue what was real and not to a man hiding goat legs under his jeans.

Addie honestly still isn't sure whether or not she's meant to be at Camp Halfblood.  She's not heard anything from her supposed Godly parent, and besides just what were apparently the basic gifts for demigods, she never noticed anything out of the ordinary about herself.  Before being told about demigods, she'd always just assumed she was good at athletics, not superhuman.  

More than anything, Addie misses her family.  She's never been away from them for longer than the odd weekend sleepover before, so now, having spent 3 months at camp, Addie is starting to get homesick.

Out of Character
Alias: Sev
How old are you IRL?: 24
How did you hear about us? Lilythe
Have you read and do you agree to the site rules? Yes
Other Characters?: N/A
Is this character fulfilling a want ad? No
If yes, for which member? N/A
Roleplay Sample
The silence of the Slytherin Common Room was killing her. She'd tried, like almost every other student, to do better this year: finally do her homework, study for quizzes, and at the very least, pay attention in class. But after not even ten minutes of trying to do her classwork, Cassie grew bored. With a slam of her book, she stood up, eyes daring the rest of the room to say something about the sudden noise she'd made. She scanned the room for a moment, grinning when she spotted the white blond hair she'd been looking for.

"Hey Scor, meet me on the pitch in fifteen." She didn't bother waiting for a reply, just turned and disappeared into the girl's dormitory.

But in fifteen, she was there on the pitch, a heavy bag slung over her shoulder and her broom in hand. The dark school robes had been replaced with a brighter and much more revealing matching athletic top and shorts, and she'd tied her curly dark hair back to keep it from sticking to her face.

Her partner hadn't shown up yet, and so Cassie tossed her bag and broom to the ground, letting her own body follow suit with a flop. She stretched out in the grass, staring up at the clear sky. This sort of silence she could deal with --the sort of silence that wasn't real because nature was still there making its music. After a few moments, the petite girl reached for her bag, grabbing the tiny golden ball that had been stuffed in one of its pockets.

The practice snitch had been a Christmas gift from her father last year and was Cassie's prized possession. Still, it'd gained a number of dents and scratches from the last year. She tossed it lazily up in the air, the snitch's wings spreading just as lazily. It hovered for a moment before she snatched it back up, only to toss it back up again, returning the golden orb's freedom.

Mature Content Preferences
For each question, score from 0-5
0 = hard limit; no tolerance - do not cross this line
1 = reference only
2 = soft limit; approach with caution
3 = permitted; use infrequently but without explicit detail
4 = neutral; use infrequently with explicit detail
5 = no limit; open to whatever goes; explicit detail
Erotic Content Sensitive Subjects
Sex: 5
Incest: 4
Humiliation: 5
Sex toy use: 5
Sex With Minors (character only- NOT underage Members): 4
Rape: 4
Sexual Assault: 4
Fisting: 5
Blood: 5
Menstrual Blood: 5
Urolagnia (urine): 4
Homosexuality: 5
Heterosexuality: 5
Bi-sexuality: 5
Threesomes or Group Sex: 5
Scenes depicting Bulimia: 5
Scenes depicting Anorexia: 5
Scenes depicting small, dark, confined spaces: 5
Scenes depicting kidnapping: 5
Scenes depicting fertility struggles: 5
Scenes depicting self harm: 5
Scenes depicting drug use: 5
Scenes depicting alcohol use: 5
Suicide: 5
Terminal Illness: 5
Abortion/Miscarriage: 5
Racism: 5
Misogyny: 5
Misandry: 5
Transphobia: 5
Homophobia: 5
Violent Content Additional Notes
Slapping: 5
Piercing/Needles: 5
Punching: 5
Biting: 5
Cutting: 5
Stabbing: 5
Domestic Abuse: 5
Animal Sacrifice: 5
Burning; i.e. branding: 5
Words Not Permitted in My Threads: n/a
Additional Hard Limits: n/a
Additional Things To Discuss with Me First: the above limits are my personal limits, and not specifically the limits I would be applying to this character; obviously most of these would be discussed plot-wise first anyways, and as long as they're discussed beforehand and agreed upon, I'm okay with them and Addie.
Writer Agreement
By registering on Demigods and Monsters, I agree to follow all of the rules of the site. I acknowledge and agree that my limits are not the same as everyone else's. And that it is my responsibility to control my exposure, not that of the Site Staff. I understand that there may be instances where I am offended by reading other people's threads and that if I am, I should stop reading immediately. I understand that if I am made uncomfortable by someone else writing with me, it's my responsibility to talk to them to remind them before contacting Site Staff. Under no circumstances will I judge, ridicule, or become petty with another writer because their comfort levels are not the same as mine. When I agree to write with another writer, I will not deliberately cross any hard limits that person has for the duration of our thread and will address and correct any limits crossed on accident.

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