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Important! Site Glitches Help Desk

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Site Glitches Help Desk

We'd like to think that the Admins know everything, that the Moderators are super heroes, and that the Support Staff have magic wands they can wave to fix things. But we don't. Sometimes we mess up and don't realize it caused a bug on the site. Below you'll find an array of topics and forms you can fill out to help us get to fixing the glitch faster!

Help the Prefix I need isn't there!
So you want to create a forum for your Character Plot, or one that's Open, or one that contains Mature content, but you can't find the Prefix you need. Or maybe you're ready to archive your thread. You're just done with it and ready for it to go into the archive. You go to put the prefix there and whoops! Staff forgot to approve it for that forum!
Character Name: (remember, must be FirstName LastName setup, your character's name. Alias accounts are solely for staff members)
Desired Prefix: (which prefix were you trying to use?)
Forum to use it in: (In which forum were you trying to put your thread? Be as specific as possible)
For anything else related to site glitches!
Type of Glitch: (is it account based, permissions based, or coding based... best guess is okay)
Description: (What's going on?) Pictures: (if possible, so we can see it)

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