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Site Setting
What if the Greek Gods and Goddesses of old weren't just a story? What if they were still alive today, and continuing their interactions with mortals? The result would be a hidden world in which demigods existed and monsters were real. That is the world Rick Riordan brought to life.

In this world demigods are living among us and they seek refuge from the monsters of old at a summer camp known as Camp Halfblood. Demigods are the children of a singular god and a mortal. Godly procreation isn't always as straightforward as mortal procreation, and sometimes children are born out of the thoughts of gods interweaving with the thoughts of mortals. The result, however, is always the same: a child with abilities far above the normal, ADHD, the ability to read Greek, and monsters seeking them out.

Welcome to the world of Demigods and Monsters.
The Story Thus Far...
The Titan War ended in 2009. After the war was over, Percy Jackson made the gods promise to claim all their children by the age of 13. This led to a massive influx of campers at Camp Halfblood as long abandoned children suddenly were claimed. Years have passed since then, and other major wars have been fought, a god has been cast from Olympus, and still the Camp went on.

Many years have passed since then and the world has been at peace. For now...

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