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Announcing Character Plots!


For those of you who have wanted a way to develop your character and work towards becoming a Champion Member, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Character Plot applications!

A Character Plot is a planned out course of events that involve your character and other characters on the site (other campers or perhaps deities, mythical creatures, etc.). These plots can be for personal character development, adventure, or quests and have a similar application process to your character creation. All plots are reviewed by Lilythe and one other staff member for consistency and appropriateness of character.

Once a plot is approved, you will need to complete all the events listed in the plot for it to be considered completed. However, once the plot is complete everyone who participated in at least 5 of the roleplays from start to finish will be awarded a medal for completing a character plot! We hope that this will encourage our members to work together towards helping one another achieve desired events for their characters.

This opens today, and we hope to see you all make use of it soon!

Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff

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