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Important! Requesting An Affiliate Link

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So you want to Advertise on Demigods and Monsters, yeah?

That's great! We can't wait to give you the chance! There are a few rules, however...

You must always, always reciprocate. This means you must have a linkback to us already in place on your site when I go to check and approve. (Our admin @Cyzzane is currently designing our button as we speak, but I can send you a text advert for now, just reply below and request the text advert and tell me how to get it to you--e-mail, guest account on your site, etc.) That way I can just add you right away while I'm checking requests. 

You must provide a button with dimensions 88 x 31.

Patience. All of our admin have very busy lives and our site members are our first priority. Once we've finished all our duties on the site, we will get to advertisement if we have time. We promise it won't take more than a week, but sometimes it will be the full 7 days during busier parts of the year.


So how do I request an Advertisement?

Just fill out the following form...

Site Name:
Admin as Point of Contact:
Link to Site:
Requesting Text Advertisement?
How to Get Text Advert to You:

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