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List of Characters: Site Canon

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List of Characters: Site Canon

Our site has a lore of its own. On top of what we know for Rick Riordan's world has to offer. We started off with a few canons that Lilythe created for a mini plot with her character. And will be expanding with each Site Plot that exists. 

If the canon you want to play isn't currently available, keep checking back. These characters belong to the site, so if someone gives them up, they will be labeled as "Available for play" again.

Below is a list of all the site canon characters that we will have active on the site. By applying for a canon character, you are agreeing to uphold the following rules:

  • Ownership of the Character does not belong to you: Site canon characters are the intellectual property of Demigods and Monsters. The account is the property of Demigods and Monsters. If at any time you lose the character, for any reason, you cannot attempt to claim ownership.
  • You must maintain a tracker for the character: Any roleplay you are part of must be maintained in the canon character tracker. If a tracker has not yet been created for the character, you will create it. A tracker is considered maintained if it has all threads you have participated in on it. The reason this is important is because should you choose to give up the character, it allows the next owner of the character to have a record of previous encounters to refer to.
  • You will wrap up any current threads before voluntarily giving up your canon: If you choose to give up your canon character voluntarily, please wrap up any threads you are currently active in. Lilythe will take over any ongoing threads for characters that are taken back by the site, but we ask volunteers to finish their threads so that Lilythe doesn't have to take on even more.
Azrael Dioltas
24 years old
Child of Nemesis
Stephen Amell
Single but intended for Lilythe Rayne in the end
Available for play
Azrael has two different sides of his personality. The first that most people notice is a serious outlook on life. Being raised by a cop, Azrael heard and saw a lot of the bad in the world. His outlook can be a bit cynical and not quick to trust. This became worse after the Titan War where he killed other Half-Bloods that had betrayed the camp and watched some of his friends die.

He does have another side that enjoys the good in the world and isn't quite a serious. Azrael enjoys time with his friends and be funny from time to time. Few people are privileged to see this side of him. this can be seen from time to time in public, but is only really let out when he is with his friends. This resulted of having to be prepared to find out that his dad died in the line of duty.

There is a romantic side that Azrael will show from time to time. He loves being able to spend time under the stars or at dinner enjoying good food with a lovely lady. There is nothing quite like it for him. It is his 'drug' of choice that he tries not to indulge in too often.

There is a darkness that resides with Azrael. Being a child of the goddess of revenge, there is an impulse to get revenge. The cause can vary from avenging the death of an innocent or friend to a robbery/mugging victim. Most of the time, he can control it and channel it to serve his purpose. But, there is a rare occasion that it gets the better of him. The scene of a grizzly murder, seeing someone he cares for being manipulated, hurt or taken advantage of, etc. can cause Azrael to lose control of his impulse. It is a scary sight to behold when he gets like this.

Azrael was found on the porch of his father, Connor, on cloudy evening in June. His dad had just stepped out to go get a case of beer when he found Azrael at the door. Azrael was sleeping and had a small note attached to his blanket. The note explained to Connor that the boy was his son that his mother gave birth to after spending the night with him 9 months earlier.

Connor raised Azrael to the best of his ability on his own. On occasion, he would call have one of the local teenaged girl watch him when Connor had been called in last minute for a crime that had been committed earlier. As he got older, Azrael learned how to be able to take care of himself, and on occasion his dad when his dad got focused into a big case that could help his career. Azrael is capable cook thanks to one particular babysitter that taught him.

It was a rainy day in 6th grade that Azrael had his first run-in with his mother heritage. A cyclops had caught onto his scent and started to look for him. Fortunately, a satyr named Ash found Azrael before the cyclops arrived in Fort Wayne. Quickly explaining to Connor about Azrael's heritage, Ash took Azrael to Camp Half-Blood to be taught how to fight and defend himself.

Azrael felt like an outsider when he first arrived at Camp Half-Blood. He was never claimed so like most he was placed into the Hermes cabin. There he met a few people and started to become friends with them. This was the first time that Azrael felt like he had people in his life that he could count on.

As the days leading up to the Titan War, Azrael was approached by another camper named Matthew to join the side of Kronos and betray Camp Half-Blood. Azrael flat out refused stating that there was nothing Matthew or Kronos could offer him to betray his fellow campers. When the battle started, Azrael joined in determined to help Camp Half-blood. Azrael saw a lot of his friends on both side fall during the fight. Some of them were killed by his hand.

Afterwards the war, Azrael pulled back from his fellow campers a bit, particularly once he claimed. He would occasionally take a quest when they were offered. He seemed more somber as continued to age. During one of his final years as a camper, he saw the Stoll brothers leave and a new cabin leader in Lilythe emerge. He was proud to see one of the younger campers take to the leader role so well.

Once he hit 21, Azrael decided to start figuring out what he was going to do. Turning around, he walked off believing it would be the last time he saw the camp. Settling in around New York City, Azrael became a P.I. specializing in kidnappings and cold murder cases. He even helped close a few of them in the few years since he left the camp.

Then he received a letter from Chiron stating that he was leaving to travel a bit. During this time while Chiron was away, he wanted Azrael to return and help train some of the newest batch of campers.
Darius Katsaros
25 years old
Child of Hecate
Playby TBD
Single but lusts after Lilythe Rayne for plot purposes, free after plot is over
Available for play
First writer chooses playby

Darius is a fairly flexible character at this stage. He is a Child of Hecate and Lilythe's ex-boyfriend. During his previous time at Camp Halfblood, Darius used his magics to manipulate Lilythe into falling for him after Azrael started dating the Aphrodite girl. However, after a time, the tricks stopped working--having lost their potency--and Lilythe eventually broke up with him, much to his chagrin. At that time Darius left the camp, occasionally sending Lilythe roses and postcards from various locations, hoping to whittle her down traditionally.

You may pick your face claim for him, and can make up most of his personality, so long as he's fairly charming but underhanded. And after the plot runs its course he can be shipped with whomever you like! Anything that the first writer creates for his personality will be added here. 
Mythical Creatures
Single Available for play

First writer chooses playby

Lysander is one of the satyrs that is available for play around Camp Halfblood.  You may pick your face claim for him, and can make up most of his personality, so long as he's playful and outgoing (think classic Satyr). He's not presently required for any plots, however will be required to participate in all Sitewide plots.

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