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Trophies and Medals

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Trophies and Medals

Trophies are awards that are automatically earned when achieving something. This can be for post count, reputation earned, time on the site, etc. These are awarded based on cron jobs (stuff that happens on the back end when you log in), so if, say, you reach your 50 post mark, but you don't see the award given. Don't worry, it'll be there the next time you log in after logging out!

Notice: we are aware of a problem where the post count is off and not populating correctly on some accounts. Unfortunately this is a problem with the app and not something we have the ability to access the code for to fix. However, the post count appears to be less than 10 posts off for most accounts. So those who have earned it should see the award populate with few additional posts. Unfortunately there is no way to manually award trophies.


Medals are awards that are granted by the Site Staff to members for various reasons. These can be contributions to the site, participation in an event, or simply being approved for an ability. At this time we don't have our medals created. However, they will be made in due time and retroactively awarded to the appropriate individuals. In the meantime, some temporary medals will be uploaded as placement holders for abilities and other protective statuses.

10 posts25 posts50 posts100 posts250 posts500 posts1000 posts2500 posts5000 posts The Post Count Eggs
Earned By:
Posting the appropriate correlating post count (hover over the eggs to see their post count equivalents!)
1 rep5 rep10 rep25 rep50 rep100 rep The Reputation Potions
Earned By:
Having others vote your posts with positive reputation and earning the appropriate correlating repuations (hover over the potions to see the reputation associated)

HypnokinesisMist ControlMystiokinesisNecromancyOdikinesisPhotokinesis


Ability Medals
Earned By:
Having an application approved for an ability on your character at creation (hover over medals to see correlating abilities)

Graduate Halfblood Half-Pint Graduate
Earned By:
Completing the Halfblood Half-Pint program for new members
TBA Character Plot Beads
Earned By:
Participating in your own, or another member's character plot. You must participate in at least 5 role-plays with at least 10 of your own post, and the plot must finish (with or without you) to earn this medal. A plot is considered completed when it has a beginning, middle, and end, and has accomplished the task described in the application.
TBA Site Plot Beads
Earned By:
Participating in sitewide plot events. You must participate in at least 1/3 of the total Plot Events with at least 10 of your own post, and the plot must finish (with or without you) to earn this medal. It will be announced when a Site Plot has completed.
TBA Character of the Month
Earned By:
Once we have 10 members, we will start doing a Character of the Month contest. If you are selected as the Character of the Month, we will apply this to your accounts. Character of the Month selection is based on activity, interesting roleplays, helpfulness around the site as someone who isn't an admin, and many other factors. Site Staff can only earn Member of the Month on ONE character and the medal will be applied to the Site Staff account.
TBA Champion Member Shield
Earned By:
To qualify as a champion, your character must have completed 7 quests or plot events (or a combination thereof) as denoted by a participation bead in their awards box.
TBA Plot Writer's Quill
Earned By:
Getting a Character Plot approved.

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