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Adrian Ian Moonwolf
General Information
First Name:Adrian
Last Name:Moonwolf
Godly Parent: ???
Mortal Parent: Hayden and Sarah Moonwolf
Mortal Siblings: None
Other significant relatives? None
Place of Birth: Coos Bay Oregon
Date of Birth: September 18th, 2002
Spoken Languages:English
Pets: "Toyger" Cat named Orion
Items of Importance:Silver Tiger Necklace that bring forth a tiger/toyger cat of the summoners requested size

Weapons: Magic Leather Bracer (graphic of an Owl holding a spear) that creates a wooden spear/javelin. This can be used for hand to hand combat or thrown. If thorn will deteriorate in 3 minutes, unless it is stuck in the ground. Once "planted" it instead becomes a young sapling native to that region.

Skills: Able to "Hunt" down anything he sets his mind too; Able to throw items with perfect accuracy; Very Strong and Dexterous; Enjoys most sports (Especially Surfing); Enjoys creating things using Rock and Wood; Plays hand drums
Face Claim: Heath Ledger

Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown Eyes
Hair: Sun Bleached Light Brown
Height: 5'10" or 178cm

General Appearance: Adrian is a tall, well built teen with a swimmers body. Normally he has a wild look in his eyes and a smirk on his face that makes him look like he is always in on some joke. His hair is kinda wavy and walks a fine line between being being long in the back or a full blown mullet. He does not have many scars or blemishes, that is until you see his hands, which look like they are no strangers to hard work and more than a few sharp blades. He clearly has grown up near the coast and has a bit of the "Surfer" attitude that comes out more often than not.
Likes: Working with Stone and Wood, General Sports (for fun), Animals, His Cat: Orion, Rain, Thunder Storms, Ocean, Surfing, Diving, Fresh Berries, Bonfire Parties, BBQ, Cooking, Baking, All Type of Seafood and Meats; Most Card and Board Games, Helping Others.
Dislikes: Being Rushed, Polluters and Poachers, Drugs, Bullies, Being stuck inside while there a sick waves, Hypocrites, People who can't admit they are wrong.
Strengths: Smart, Loyal, Honest, Happy, Patient, Kind, Giving, Driven
Weaknesses: Restless, Sarcastic, Childish, Rowdy, Stubborn
Fatal Flaw: Pride
General Character Traits: Growing up on the coast of Oregon Adrian practically lived on/in the water. Swimming, Surfing, and just playing in the waves were common summertime events. If not doing that he was constantly under his Mom and Dad's feet watching his Mother cooking and Father building furniture. He was always there to help out is family and friends. He always had a harder time focusing on any one thing unless he was working on a project, building his first full size coffee table at the age of 7.

Friends were also a big part of his growing up. They always found they could rely on him when needed and he constantly found himself on "Quests" to find missing items for them. From a lost toys, pets, and even a friends sibling once. This did not always work out in his favor as sometimes it left them digging up a dead pet that had "Run Off" or favorite toys that someone had broken.
Growing up in a small sea side village had its pros and cons. For the parents who were unable to conceive a child, there was always the option of adopting a dog. Once night while working on a special project for his wife, Hayden found he was not alone. As he set the last piece in the dark mahogany wooden own with white marble eyes, talons and beak he thought, "Once could say this is worthy of a goddess". Looking up he found himself face to face with a stunning woman. She offered him an exchange, the artwork for the child he so wanted and dreamed of. It was then that he realized that she was holding a bundle in her arms. He gladly excepted and in the rush to tell his wife he stopped and turned back. Looking to say Thank you, he found that both the woman and the statue were gone. His wife was overjoyed so did not ask her husband many questions. Over time she realized how much the child looked like her husband, but deep down, disappointed and depression set in that she was unable to she herself in him. Without a large extended family Adrian quickly found himself filling that empty space with friends. Always a very intelligent and energetic child he was constantly on the move. Always hunting down this and that, his friends help him channel that energy by getting him to help them out by find things for them. They also quickly realized it was no fun to play hide and seek. His Mother turned her focus on being a stay at home mom and quickly became the neighborhood childcare provider. Local kids seemed to be constantly coming in and out of their house. She was constantly cooking meals and snack for the kids. Adrian was constantly bringing back large baskets of wild berries, cherries, plums, and apples so she began teaching him how to cook with them. When he got older and more mobile, this increased to wild game and fish.

His fathers workshop was a a large shed or maybe a small barn that was converted into a workshop. His father spent most of every day in there where he was constantly creating new custom furniture and artwork. Each piece was both artistic and highly functional. From marble tables to fancy oak dressers, if a custom piece was needed, everyone knew he was your guy. Many of the pieces had motifs of owls or spears worked into them. Ever sense Adrian had turned five his father was unable to keep him out from underfoot. By the age of seven he was already building furniture of his own design. He started by building furniture and other items to help his mother in the kitchen. This began her downward spiral into depression

His his teen years in stride Adrian found new hobbies and friends spending days at he beach surfing, snorkeling, or out helping the local fisherman. If not their his friends were off with him fining the best trails, campsites, waterfalls and amazing spot that no one else seemed to be able to find. During one of these excursions something attacked him and a friend. They were forced to hide until he was able to find a safe way to avoid the creature and get back home. Returning home two days later his Mother was upset and in a panic. Losing her temper she released the floodgates of her frustrations and depression and let him know that he was not her child and if he was he would never allowed her to worry as much as he did. In shock he ran out of the house and tried to confront his father. He was in the middle of a project and asked Adrian to wait. Adrian paced around outside replaying the words his mother, no shaking his head he realized his "adopted" mother had said. He needed a parent who would give him the answers he needed. At that moment he felt a pull like never before. He knew he would find the answer if he followed it so he ran up to his room and grabbed his most important possessions. Strapping his leather bracelet with an owl holding a spear on his right wrist, a backpack with clothing he would need, a silver necklace of a tiger he had been given and his cat Orion he set off to find his answers...

... Traveling across the United States it was only a matter of time before he was looking down over the Strawberry Fields of Camp Halfblood.
Out of Character
Alias: Eddie Robison
How old are you IRL?: 43
How did you hear about us? Lilythe
Have you read and do you agree to the site rules? Yes
Other Characters?: "N/A"
Is this character fulfilling a want ad? No
Roleplay Sample
He found himself moving through the cool damp forest. Shafts of moonlight created spotlights on the ground. He found these easy to move around and keep himself hidden as he followed his prey. In the clearing just passing through one of the moonlit patches was a girl. She was looking around, her eyes wide searching for the something but not able to see anything in the shadows. As he moved towards her, inch by inch, a loud crack echoed in the clearing. "Ha I got you!" shouted the girl as she pounced on him. Beginning to tickle him without mercy, he was soon crying out, "Uncle Uncle... I give... I give...you win".
Mature Content Preferences
For each question, score from 0-5
0 = hard limit; no tolerance - do not cross this line
1 = reference only
2 = soft limit; approach with caution
3 = permitted; use infrequently but without explicit detail
4 = neutral; use infrequently with explicit detail
5 = no limit; open to whatever goes; explicit detail
Erotic Content Sensitive Subjects
Sex: 5
Incest: 3
Humiliation: 5
Sex toy use: 5
Sex With Minors (character only- NOT underage Members): 1
Rape: 4
Sexual Assault: 4
Fisting: 5
Blood: 5
Menstrual Blood: 5
Urolagnia (urine): 5
Homosexuality: 5
Heterosexuality: 5
Bi-sexuality: 5
Threesomes or Group Sex: 5
Scenes depicting Bulimia: 5
Scenes depicting Anorexia: 5
Scenes depicting small, dark, confined spaces: 5
Scenes depicting kidnapping: 5
Scenes depicting fertility struggles: 5
Scenes depicting self harm: 5
Scenes depicting drug use: 5
Scenes depicting alcohol use: 5
Suicide: 5
Terminal Illness: 5
Abortion/Miscarriage: 5
Racism: 5
Misogyny: 5
Misandry: 5
Transphobia: 5
Homophobia: 5
Violent Content Additional Notes
Slapping: 5
Piercing/Needles: 3
Punching: 5
Biting: 5
Cutting: 5
Stabbing: 5
Domestic Abuse: 5
Animal Sacrifice: 5
Burning; i.e. branding: 5
Words Not Permitted in My Threads: None
Additional Hard Limits: None
Additional Things To Discuss with Me First: Anything Impacting My Character - Will work with and roll with most things if they make sense.
Writer Agreement
By registering on Demigods and Monsters, I agree to follow all of the rules of the site. I acknowledge and agree that my limits are not the same as everyone else's. And that it is my responsibility to control my exposure, not that of the Site Staff. I understand that there may be instances where I am offended by reading other people's threads and that if I am, I should stop reading immediately. I understand that if I am made uncomfortable by someone else writing with me, it's my responsibility to talk to them to remind them before contacting Site Staff. Under no circumstances will I judge, ridicule, or become petty with another writer because their comfort levels are not the same as mine. When I agree to write with another writer, I will not deliberately cross any hard limits that person has for the duration of our thread and will address and correct any limits crossed on accident.

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