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Found 6 results

  1. Our Mythical Creature Reserve/Claim is now Live! As you can probably guess from the title, we are pleased to inform you that you can now create creature characters. For now we have a limited selection of Satyrs, Centaurs, Nymphs, and Empousa. However as our site grows, so will the list. To check out the claim, please visit here Sincerely, Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff
  2. Dear Members, Lilythe has automated the warning system. How does this impact me? In reality, it shouldn't. It still operates in much the same way as before. You will be first sent a PM to ask you to fix something. If you don't comply the warning will be issued, much the same as before. However this allows us to keep track of multiple violations of the same type by the same person in an easier manner. Why tell us? Because it's our policy to not keep things from our members. We don't want anyone to feel blindsided. Sincerely, Lilythe and the DaM staff!
  3. Announcing Character Plots! For those of you who have wanted a way to develop your character and work towards becoming a Champion Member, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Character Plot applications! A Character Plot is a planned out course of events that involve your character and other characters on the site (other campers or perhaps deities, mythical creatures, etc.). These plots can be for personal character development, adventure, or quests and have a similar application process to your character creation. All plots are reviewed by Lilythe and one other staff member for consistency and appropriateness of character. Once a plot is approved, you will need to complete all the events listed in the plot for it to be considered completed. However, once the plot is complete everyone who participated in at least 5 of the roleplays from start to finish will be awarded a medal for completing a character plot! We hope that this will encourage our members to work together towards helping one another achieve desired events for their characters. This opens today, and we hope to see you all make use of it soon! Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff
  4. Lilythe is working tirelessly to complete the Help Desk and get it ready for people to use if they have need of help. Please be patient with her, but don't be afraid to PM her and let her know some of the things you needed extra help with when you started. It will help her flesh out the Frequently Asked Questions list. If your question is used, Lilythe might award you a medal for services to the site! Again, please send all questions to @Lilythe
  5. Do you want to be a Staff Member? Site Staff have various responsibilities throughout the site. It can, during busier times, take a lot of time and effort to be a member of the staff. However with that responsibility comes some pretty awesome power around the site: event planning, site area creation, and a universally reserved face claim are among a few of the benefits. Available Positions: At this time we are hiring for Support Staff only. If an application so moves us, the Administrators may decide to grant Moderator status, however the entry level position for staff is our Support Staff position. We will generally hire Moderators from within their ranks. There are currently 8 positions available. Responsibilities: Support Staff have a lot of responsibility on the site. The duties include, but are not limited to: Character Application Reviewing Conflict Resolution Rule Enforcement Thread Moderation Event Planning Advertising Application Process: You will complete the application form found here and an Admin will follow-up with a PM, the PM will contain your long application. You will have one week to fill the long application and return it to the staff member who sent it to you. At that time they will post it into your initial application and we will begin the review process. You will be notified within 1 to 2 weeks of our answer. Notice: This is not a paid position. All Site Staff work for free (including the Admins). Your time is volunteer work and the rewards are, generally recognition and awards.
  6. Announcing the Trophies and Medals Feature @Nix, @Cyzzane, and I are pleased to announce the introduction of trophies and medals to our beautiful forum! These are awards that can be earned through various means. When I have a chance I will make a reference table for the Site Rules and Information forum, and this will detail what awards are available and how they can be attained. Trophies: Trophies are awards that are automatically earned when achieving something. This can be for post count, reputation earned, time on the site, etc. These are awarded based on cron jobs (stuff that happens on the back end when you log in), so if, say, you reach your 50 post mark, but you don't see the award given. Don't worry, it'll be there the next time you log in after logging out! Notice: we are aware of a problem where the post count is off and not populating correctly on some accounts. Unfortunately this is a problem with the app and not something we have the ability to access the code for to fix. However, the post count appears to be less than 10 posts off for most accounts. So those who have earned it should see the award populate with few additional posts. Unfortunately there is no way to manually award trophies. Medals: Medals are awards that are granted by the Site Staff to members for various reasons. These can be contributions to the site, participation in an event, or simply being approved for an ability. At this time we don't have our medals created. However, they will be made in due time and retroactively awarded to the appropriate individuals. In the meantime, some temporary medals will be uploaded as placement holders for abilities and other protective statuses.