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Found 3 results

  1. Lilythe Rayne

    Ready to Archive Fireworks and Fun

    The sun was setting, surely there wouldn't be anyone coming to the Big House for a while. Lilythe closed it up, and made her way down to the beach. It was one of her favorite places to walk and think. The waves along the shore were soothing to a troubled mind. It was her haven, and her escape. She could look out along the waves and imagine herself anywhere she wished to be. When her mind got too cluttered with responsibility, or memories of a time long past, she would take a walk and try to decompress. The ritual had served her well for many years now. Tonight though it seemed she wouldn't get her personal time though, as when she got there she saw a few satyrs there already, apparently setting up for quite the spectacle. There was a stack of fireworks of near the shore, and some blankets spread randomly along the sand. On the breeze the there was the scent of barbecue. All in all it was shaping up to be quite the shindig. "I wasn't aware we were celebrating anything." Lilythe said to creatures with a faint smile. "I swear nobody tells me anything." She teased as the satyrs scurried about the beach continuing their task.
  2. Romulus Sterling

    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Romulus stepped up onto the stairs of the Cabin Leaders house, feeling a little odd about being back, the break had been pleasant, if somewhat odd, one as it had really brought home to him that he now lived in two worlds. With an internal sigh as he sat in one of the chairs that were always outside on the balcony, happy to find that, for the time being, he was alone and he could just sit and set his mind to now being in this world again. The world where he wasn't just the son of Ellis, but the son of Poseidon. A Roman god. Even after a year it still felt a little unreal, but real it was and he had to get used to it. Being the son of a god could be deadly for your health as he had once again been reminded on the trip back to the camp. He attempted to brush a little of the mud that caked his jeans, feeling a twinge of guilt at the fact that his falling into an unseen hole in the ground had almost gotten the Satyr escorting him in eaten. But they had made it with just a few splats of mud and a singed hairs, which considering what could have happened wasn't really all that bad. Now the Satyr had gone to find the Camp Leader to notify them that he had arrived in one piece. Settling deeper into the chair part of Romulus wondered if they thought that this was a happy occurrence or not. He now knew that he was not hugely wanted as pretty much everyone including his father had agreed that the world was better without any of the Big Three's children in it. On the upside, he was looking forward to spending some time with the pegasi, they had promised to take him flying this year if he returned in one piece.
  3. Streylan Karalis

    Ready to Archive Streylan's Entrance

    Her red hair flowed through the wind as she walked closer to the big house. She had told herself that she was going to take a week to visit her father and brother. But most of all, she wanted to go see her sisters grave. It was nearing their birthday and she didn't want her to have to spend it alone. While she was there she had told Sterlin all about her life at the moment and how they both were Demigods and what she knew of their mother. However, her time in the outside world had come to an end and she was staring down the blue house now. She sighed a little as she clinched her sisters necklace in her pocket and entered the house, and empty house. She blinked a couple times as she looked around. Did he have to let someone know that she was there? She shrugged and walked over to grab a drink. Waiting seemed like the better option, however.