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  1. schuyler willis

    Pending Schuyler Willis

    Schuyler Wilson Willis General Information First Name: Schuyler (SKY-lur) Last Name: Willis Godly Parent: Aphrodite Mortal Parent: Samson Willis (42) Mortal Siblings: Sylvan Willis (3), Samantha Willis (5) Other significant relatives? He has a stepmother, Sheila Willis (28) Place of Birth: April 14. Age: Sixteen. Date of Birth: Write like May 31st, 2018 Spoken Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Greek Pets: A golden retriever named Cupid. Items of Importance: His dagger, which he has named Snake Charmer for no apparent reason besides it sounded cool. Weapons: He is highly skilled with daggers, the one that he posses usually has a fine gold handle and an obsidian blade, gifted to him by his mother when he became the Head of Aphrodite 's cabin. Skills: Skilled with daggers and swords, Charmspeak, Amokinesis, Permanent makeup use, Able to change physical features, control over clothing, jewelry, and makeup Appearance Face Claim: KJ Apa Eyes: His eyes are usually dark brown, but he can change them as much as he wishes. Hair: He usually sports a red hair color, though you will also see him with his other favorite, brown. HE can also change this as he wishes, which he enjoys. Height: 5'11" General Appearance: Schuyler is pretty tall for a sixteen-year-old, having hit his growth spurt at age fifteen. He stands at 5'11, and he is very light on his feet. That comes from having been a dancer since he was about four. Most people wouldn't think that while looking at him, but he believes that is what has helped him be as good as he is on the battlefield. He has an athletic build, and has heard a few of the girls from other cabins commenting on his 'washboard abs'. When he takes off his shirt, while there are abs, also revealed are a few tattoos. He actually has a total of five tattoos, his father being pretty open as to why his son likes tattoos so much. On his right shoulder there lies a tribal design, almost resembling a stingray. He also has a tribal design on the left shoulder as well, this one much different. There are two that lay on his right forearm, a bee with a wreath around it and yet another tribal design. Then, you have on his left wrist a stained glass rose. This is a nod to his mother, even though he hasn't gotten to talk to her much over the past sixteen years, she is still important to him. His tribal tattoos are a tribute to his father, the main person in his life. Personality Likes: Music, Beauty, Being In Charge, Flirting, Himself Dislikes: Being Called Out, Being Taken for Granted based on his looks, Breaking Hearts, Wearing a Helmet (if it hides his face), When People Don't Fall for His Charm (does not happen often) Strengths: Trustworthiness, Creativity, Dedication, Determination, Versatility Weaknesses: Sitting Still, Patience, Using His Charmspeak, Too Critical of Himself, Time Managment, Not Letting Up When He Should. Fatal Flaw: Vanity. General Character Traits: Schuyler is the kind of guy that is pretty open to getting to know people. It may be because he is the son of a famous actor, and his stepmother is a famous musician, so he has always spent his life in the limelight. Even though at times he has let it go to his head, he won't treat you any differently if you come from money or if you don't. There is always the dark side to anyone, though, and he is no different. He is a bit self-absorbed, always finding a reason to check himself out in the mirror. He can be a bit judgemental to people that he doesn't like, though he doesn't like that many people. There are only a few people that he has grown to hate, and you can tell if you are one of them. He is still kind to all of the campers and keeps a special eye on his siblings in the Aphrodite cabin. Sure, that comes with being the leader of the cabin, but even when he wasn't he ensured that his siblings were always taken care of. History When Schuyler was brought into this world, his father was sure that he had never made anything so perfect. Seeing as Samson was a very skilled, very wanted actor with an incredibly large IMDB page, this was the best thing he could think about saying to his son. Schuyler was shown off from the first day he was on this planet, and nothing has changed since he got older and more attractive. Schuyler always wondered who his mother was when he was young, seeing as his father never talked about her. He had been pretty sure that he was a test tube baby or something. So, when odd things started to happen to just him, his father started to get more and more worried about the truth. When one day Samson came home to his son's hair color changing while a young Schuyler was crying his eyes out because someone called him a freak, Samson knew it was time to reveal the truth. The fact that Schuyler had a very famous mother as well as a very famous father wasn't the shocking part. The shocking part was that he was the son of a Goddess. A literal goddess. And that was the point when twelve-year-old Schuyler was pressed to go to Camp Half-Blood. He has barely even walked through the barrier when he was surrounded by a pink aura. Not much had changed about him after his mother's blessing, except his hair color, which she had chosen as red. Since then, he has switched from brown to red the most. She had also changed his clothing from his usual jeans and a t-shirt to a very expensive looking suit, accompanied by a deep satin red tie. As soon as he was seen, everyone knew whose child he was and he was shown to Aphrodite's cabin. Even though he was outnumbered by many new half-sisters, he quickly learned to love them. He was also fiercely protective over each and every one of them, able to convince them to not go after a guy if he didn't like them. This was how they finally figured out, after many failed relationships, that he had charmspeak. When he was fifteen, the previous counselor stepped down as Cabin Leader, and Schuyler was put up for the position not even a minute later. He graciously accepted, almost enjoying the fact that a male was running the Aphrodite cabin. He doesn't have many rules, though the few that he has, his siblings listen to. When talking to Schuyler, it is almost like he puts a spell on you. He is incredibly flirty and charming, though he is not one to date much. It just isn't the main focus of himself, though he would change that pretty quickly. His mother does wish that he would change that, but he just can't seem to bring himself to do it yet, he is too busy watching over his siblings. Even with his half-siblings at camp, his father remarried after finally getting over his mother. Schuyler is sure that his mother had something to do with it, though he guessed she would never admit to it. His stepmother is actually a famous musician, and now his father has two children with her. It isn't that Schuyler isn't any less loved, but he likes to get away and go to camp because he doesn't feel invisible there. He hates being invisible. Out of Character Alias: Excalibur How old are you IRL?: Nineteen How did you hear about us? Your lovely admin, Lilythe Have you read and do you agree to the site rules? Yes Other Characters?: N/A Is this character fulfilling a want ad? No If yes, for which member? N/A Roleplay Sample Schuyler threw his towel over his right shoulder, dabbing his head with it after one exhilarating workout. You would be able to find Schuyler training at all times during his free time, wanting to stay in shape. His dagger was his favorite thing to use, and the dummies at the camp would hate him if they were real, seeing as he never took it easy on them. When he was younger and first recognized as a child of Aphrodite, there were many campers (*cough* Ares *cough*) that had made fun of him. They had called him a wimp, a sissy boy, any name in the book that would imply that he was a weakling. So, when he hit his growth spurt and came back to camp when he had grown taller, gotten fit, and a lot more handsome than the previous summer, he was still called all of those things. The difference was, he could actually fight back. And fight back he did, and he always will. Just then, he heard a noise behind him. He quickly turned around, hand on his dagger that hung in the sheath around his waist. "Who goes there?" His voice wasn't fearful, it was just curious. And, at this camp, you always had to be on your guard. There were many challenges and pratical jokes being played. He had learned his lesson within his first few days when he was only twelve, and had carried it with him the past four years. Mature Content Preferences For each question, score from 0-5 0 = hard limit; no tolerance - do not cross this line 1 = reference only 2 = soft limit; approach with caution 3 = permitted; use infrequently but without explicit detail 4 = neutral; use infrequently with explicit detail 5 = no limit; open to whatever goes; explicit detail Erotic Content Sensitive Subjects Sex: 5 Incest: 0 Humiliation: 2 Sex toy use: 2 Sex With Minors (character only- NOT underage Members): 2 Rape: 0 Sexual Assault: 0 Fisting: 0 Blood: 0 Menstrual Blood: 2 Urolagnia (urine): 0 Homosexuality: 0 Heterosexuality: 5 Bi-sexuality: 1 Threesomes or Group Sex: 5 Scenes depicting Bulimia: 3 Scenes depicting Anorexia: 3 Scenes depicting small, dark, confined spaces: 5 Scenes depicting kidnapping: 5 Scenes depicting fertility struggles: 5 Scenes depicting self harm: 5 Scenes depicting drug use: 5 Scenes depicting alcohol use: 5 Suicide: 2 Terminal Illness: 2 Abortion/Miscarriage: 3 Racism: 0 Misogyny: 0 Misandry: 0 Transphobia: 0 Homophobia: 0 Violent Content Additional Notes Slapping: 5 Piercing/Needles: 5 Punching: 5 Biting: 5 Cutting: 5 Stabbing: 5 Domestic Abuse: 3 Animal Sacrifice: 0 Burning; i.e. branding: 5 Words Not Permitted in My Threads: N/A Additional Hard Limits: N/A Additional Things To Discuss with Me First: Anything that is not marked as a 5. Writer Agreement By registering on Demigods and Monsters, I agree to follow all of the rules of the site. I acknowledge and agree that my limits are not the same as everyone else's. And that it is my responsibility to control my exposure, not that of the Site Staff. I understand that there may be instances where I am offended by reading other people's threads and that if I am, I should stop reading immediately. I understand that if I am made uncomfortable by someone else writing with me, it's my responsibility to talk to them to remind them before contacting Site Staff. Under no circumstances will I judge, ridicule, or become petty with another writer because their comfort levels are not the same as mine. When I agree to write with another writer, I will not deliberately cross any hard limits that person has for the duration of our thread and will address and correct any limits crossed on accident.