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Found 2 results

  1. Lilythe Rayne

    Open Decorating the Hall

    The holidays were rapidly approaching, and Lilythe knew that many of the campers would be stuck there instead of going home to their families. Things just didn't seem safe right now. There were far too many monsters active out there and it seemed like their numbers were only growing. It simply wasn't sensible to have the campers try to go home for the holiday. Especially not the new ones who hadn't acquired proper combat skills yet. So, since it appeared they were stuck at the camp with her, Lilythe got permission from Chiron to throw a holiday party in the Mess Hall for everyone. People came from many diverse backgrounds at the camp, so instead of decorating in a theme of any one single holiday, she had decided to decorate it in a generic winter theme. There were snowflakes she'd cut from paper, snowmen made from cotton balls and balloons, and empty boxes she dressed up as presents with various colors. A few days before, she had handmade a bunch of candles for the occasion, and htey were sitting in a pile near one of the tables along with some holders and decorative items. Additionally she hung up holly and mistletoe and began to set up a fireplace near a warm beverage station for people to warm themselves by. With any luck, she could get the campers to enjoy themselves and forget, for just a moment, that they weren't going to get to enjoy the holiday with their families. The place still needed a lot of work, but she was off to a good start. Sitting down at one of the tables, she began to cut out some more snowflakes. From the kitchen, the smell of cookies wafted out into the hall.
  2. Streylan Karalis

    Open A little Card fun

    This had been going pretty well for Sterylan at the moment. She had been in the camp for a while now and it looked like old and new campers were fitting along just fine. It was good that she didn't have to feel pressured to put a smackdown on someone. She sighed softly as she took a seat on the ground and pulled out a deck of cards and started messing with them. She hadn't had any new siblings yet, which was a little sad on her part but that was okay. She knew they were out there she just hoped they weren't meeting the same end as her twin sister. Without realizing what she had started a card game with herself. She blinked and smiled softly as she picked up some cards.