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Found 2 results

  1. Duncan O'Reilly General Information First Name: Duncan Last Name: O'Reilly Godly Parent: Mortal Parent: Margaret O'Reilly Mortal Siblings: Selena O'Reilly (2) Other significant relatives? Kahiau Kealoha (uncle) Place of Birth: Honolulu, HI Age: 16 Date of Birth: April 27th, 2002 Spoken Languages: English, Hawaiian Pets: leopard gecko Items of Importance: skateboard that's roughly splintered on one end Weapons: a spiked chain Skills: beating up other kids Appearance Face Claim: Ethan Cutkosky Eyes: Blue-green Hair: sandy brown Height: 5'6" or 167cm General Appearance: Personality Likes: skateboarding, all you can eat buffets, pineapple smoothies, lizards, sleeping in Dislikes: studying, school, cold weather, cooked fish, rules Strengths: imaginative, independent, a natural leader, passionate, enthusiastic Weaknesses: comes on too strong, doesn't talk out conflicts, has trouble cooperating with others, "his way or none at all", narcissistic Fatal Flaw: Recklessness General Character Traits: At least two paragraphs. History At least three paragraphs. Out of Character Alias: UnchartedVices How old are you IRL?: 19 How did you hear about us? Reddit Have you read and do you agree to the site rules? Yes Other Characters?: N/A Is this character fulfilling a want ad? No Roleplay Sample Lucius Harker strolled in fashionably late, forcefully pushing the doors open. Unlike the other men, he donned a dark blue pinstriped suit, complete with a matching solid colored tie. The fluorescent white lights overhead were reflected by his recently waxed bald head. He sauntered to the front of the room, dragging a chair behind him, and slammed his briefcase onto the table. Goldstein paused, raising his eyebrow at the pompous man before continuing on with his speech. Lucius leaned back into his chair, putting his feet up on the table. He clasped his hands onto his lap and waited for his name to be called, labeling him as the head of operations. "And my replacement will be none other than..." Goldstein stopped for a dramatic pause. Lucius swung his legs off the table and stood up, holding his hand out for the director to shake. The victory was so close, Lucius could taste it on his thin lips. He'd only worked for the agency for three years but had come out as the top performer each and every time. Mature Content Preferences For each question, score from 0-5 0 = hard limit; no tolerance - do not cross this line 1 = reference only 2 = soft limit; approach with caution 3 = permitted; use infrequently but without explicit detail 4 = neutral; use infrequently with explicit detail 5 = no limit; open to whatever goes; explicit detail Erotic Content Sensitive Subjects Sex: 5 Incest: 0 Humiliation: 5 Sex toy use: 3 Sex With Minors (character only- NOT underage Members): 4 Rape: 0 Sexual Assault: 3 Fisting: 0 Blood: 5 Menstrual Blood: 4 Urolagnia (urine): 4 Homosexuality: 2 Heterosexuality: 5 Bi-sexuality: 4 Threesomes or Group Sex: 5 Scenes depicting Bulimia: 3 Scenes depicting Anorexia: 3 Scenes depicting small, dark, confined spaces: 5 Scenes depicting kidnapping: 5 Scenes depicting fertility struggles: 5 Scenes depicting self harm: 3 Scenes depicting drug use: 5 Scenes depicting alcohol use: 5 Suicide: 3 Terminal Illness: 5 Abortion/Miscarriage: 5 Racism: 0 Misogyny: 0 Misandry: 4 Transphobia: 0 Homophobia: 0 Violent Content Additional Notes Slapping: 5 Piercing/Needles: 5 Punching: 5 Biting: 5 Cutting: 5 Stabbing: 5 Domestic Abuse: 5 Animal Sacrifice: 5 Burning; i.e. branding: 5 Words Not Permitted in My Threads: List words here Additional Hard Limits: scat, toiletplay, killing my character Additional Things To Discuss with Me First: List anything you don't would prefer people talk to you about first here Writer Agreement By registering on Demigods and Monsters, I agree to follow all of the rules of the site. I acknowledge and agree that my limits are not the same as everyone else's. And that it is my responsibility to control my exposure, not that of the Site Staff. I understand that there may be instances where I am offended by reading other people's threads and that if I am, I should stop reading immediately. I understand that if I am made uncomfortable by someone else writing with me, it's my responsibility to talk to them to remind them before contacting Site Staff. Under no circumstances will I judge, ridicule, or become petty with another writer because their comfort levels are not the same as mine. When I agree to write with another writer, I will not deliberately cross any hard limits that person has for the duration of our thread and will address and correct any limits crossed on accident. Image result for ethan cutkosky instagram.url
  2. List of Characters: BookCanon Below is a list of all the canon characters that we will have active on the site. By applying for a canon character, you are agreeing to uphold the following rules: Ownership of the Character does not belong to you: Book canon characters are the intellectual property of Rick Riordan. The account is the property of Demigods and Monsters. If at any time you lose the character, for any reason, you cannot attempt to claim ownership. You must maintain a tracker for the character: Any roleplay you are part of must be maintained in the canon character tracker. If a tracker has not yet been created for the character, you will create it. A tracker is considered maintained if it has all threads you have participated in on it. The reason this is important is because should you choose to give up the character, it allows the next owner of the character to have a record of previous encounters to refer to. You will wrap up any current threads before voluntarily giving up your canon: If you choose to give up your canon character voluntarily, please wrap up any threads you are currently active in. Lilythe will take over any ongoing threads for characters that are taken back by the site, but we ask volunteers to finish their threads so that Lilythe doesn't have to take on even more. Demigods Perseus "Percy" Jackson 25 Years Old Jupiter Camper Logan Lerman Heterosexual In a Relationship with Annabeth Chase Available For site purposes, Percy is currently living in New Rome with Annabeth, having graduated college and is now working as a Marine Biologist. For more on his personality and history please read here Annabeth Chase 25 Years Old Jupiter Camper Alexandra Doddario Heterosexual In a relationship with Perseus Jackson Available For site purposes, Annabeth is currently living in New Rome with Percy, having graduated college and is now working as an Architect. For more on her personality and history please read here NAME HERE AGE GROUP(S) PLAYBY ORIENTATION Available or Taken? Bio Goes Here Mythical Creatures Grover Underwood 41 Years Old Satyr Brandon T Jackson Heterosexual In a relationship with Juniper Available Grover's home base is Camp Halfblood, but he is often out with the Council of Cloven Elders for various missions. For more on his history and personality please read here Gods NAME HERE GOD OF PLAYBY ORIENTATION Available or Taken? Bio Goes Here Titans NAME HERE TITAN OF PLAYBY ORIENTATION Available or Taken? Bio Goes Here