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Found 1 result

  1. Site-Wide Activity Check Hey there everyone! Just stopping in to check and see who is still active! If you're still interested in being active on the site, please make sure you respond to this thread with the form below by December 1st. Anyone who does not respond will be re-sorted to inactive and will have to go through the re-activation process in the Help Desk area. If you have more than one character, please fill out the form for each character, but do so in one post (for example, if you have 5 characters, just create one post in this thread on your primary account but include each character on it). Form Alias: Character: Keeping/Retiring/Inactive: Who's Who? Antavas Tenebris Umbra -- ??? AzureMoon Adrian Moonwolf -- ✔️ Conni Romulus Sterling -- ??? Lilythe Lilythe Rayne -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Nix Streylan Karalis --✔️ Zoey Mitchell -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Sev Adelaide Young --✔️ Taylor Alexander Frederickson -- ??? Excalibur Staff Account -- ???