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  1. Lilythe Rayne

    Open Fireworks and Fun

    Lilythe hadn't seen Romulus there. She jumped as he cleared his throat and laughed at herself for it. "Well it was kind of you to agree." Camp Halfblood had really grown over the years. It wasn't uncommon anymore for there to be small little cabin events without anyone else being aware they'd occurred. However this event seemed to be a bit bigger than that. It wasn't often that they had firework displays. It seemed that someone had felt the camp needed something big and fun. Lilythe was certainly not complaining. It had been far too long since she'd gotten to be part of an event at camp that hadn't been wrangling the new campers. Looking around at the group of individuals prepping the event, Lilythe asked, "What can I do to help?" It wasn't quite dusk yet, so there was still plenty of light. However if they didn't get a move on things it would quickly sink and deprive them of their light source. In those situations it was always best for there to be more hands on deck if possible. There were blankets to be spread, fireworks to de-crate, and food she could help prep. The last one made her smirk, "If you don't give me a job, I'll just assign myself the task of food tester."
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Lilythe flinched a bit as Romulus hinted at the Titan war. It must have been visible because he immediately apologized. Lilythe shook her head. "No, it's okay. I... It's part of the past. And that's where it will stay." She gave a small smile and then lifted up her glass of lemonade. Sipping at it, she tried to calm her mind down. It was easier back when Azrael and the others were still at camp. But they'd long since left, and Lilythe found it harder to cope with those memories without them. In a way, their absence only added to her fear because it showed her that anyone could leave. Just like Matt... It seemed insane that she could still be hung up on everything after so long, yet here she was. Some scars took longer to heal than others. "I'll try not to worry until the Oracle gives me a reason to." Lilythe offered another smile. This one a bit more genuine than the one before. "I assume you can find your way to the cabin? Otherwise I suppose I could give you the tour for old times sake." ((At this juncture you would normally be given a tour of the grounds and then led to the claiming. However as an older camper you have already learned all these things in character. If you still feel you want a tour, please reply to this thread in character and indicate such. If, however, you feel you can find your way around the site, please reply with your departure and mark this thread as ready to archive by editing your first post and adding the prefix to it.))
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    Character Plot Related Lilythe Has Needs!

    Azrael Dioltas General Information Azrael has two different sides of his personality. The first that most people notice is a serious outlook on life. Being raised by a cop, Azrael heard and saw a lot of the bad in the world. His outlook can be a bit cynical and not quick to trust. This became worse after the Titan War where he killed other Half-Bloods that had betrayed the camp and watched some of his friends die. He does have another side that enjoys the good in the world and isn't quite a serious. Azrael enjoys time with his friends and be funny from time to time. Few people are privileged to see this side of him. this can be seen from time to time in public, but is only really let out when he is with his friends. This resulted of having to be prepared to find out that his dad died in the line of duty. There is a romantic side that Azrael will show from time to time. He loves being able to spend time under the stars or at dinner enjoying good food with a lovely lady. There is nothing quite like it for him. It is his 'drug' of choice that he tries not to indulge in too often. There is a darkness that resides with Azrael. Being a child of the goddess of revenge, there is an impulse to get revenge. The cause can vary from avenging the death of an innocent or friend to a robbery/mugging victim. Most of the time, he can control it and channel it to serve his purpose. But, there is a rare occasion that it gets the better of him. The scene of a grizzly murder, seeing someone he cares for being manipulated, hurt or taken advantage of, etc. can cause Azrael to lose control of his impulse. It is a scary sight to behold when he gets like this. You will need to fill out a Site Canon application for him. Darius Katsaros General Information He is a Child of Hecate and Lilythe's ex-boyfriend. During his previous time at Camp Halfblood, Darius used his magics to manipulate Lilythe into falling for him after Azrael started dating the Aphrodite girl. However, after a time, the tricks stopped working--having lost their potency--and Lilythe eventually broke up with him, much to his chagrin. At that time Darius left the camp, occasionally sending Lilythe roses and postcards from various locations, hoping to whittle her down traditionally. You may pick your face claim for him, and can make up most of his personality, so long as he's fairly charming but underhanded. And after the plot runs its course he can be shipped with whomever you like! You will need to fill out a Site Canon application for him.
  4. Lilythe Rayne

    Approved Tainted Love

    Tainted Love Plot Overview Primary Character: Lilythe Rayne Other Campers: Azrael Dioltas, Darius Katsaros, Streylan Karalis, Heather Nielson Locations: Camp Halfblood Significant Artifact: N/a Mythical Creatures: N/A Olympian Gods: Aphrodite Minor Gods: N/A Mature Content: Violence, Kidnapping, Rape Plot Summary Some old campers are returning to Camp Halfblood, and with them comes the re-opening of old wounds, rivalries, conflict, and a whole lot of chaos. Lilythe has stayed at Camp Halfblood ever since the Titan War and the war with Gaia. However most of the older campers made their way out of camp, needing space from a place they associated with so much trauma. However recently many more of the older campers have started finding their way back to the camp. Two in particular have Lilythe's life suddenly enveloped in chaos! First comes the return of her former best friend and old crush, Azrael. While he was at camp, Lilythe and he were inseparable. Lilythe was oblivious to his affections for her, and he never developed the courage to tell her how he felt, afraid of losing his best friend. The second return was that of Darius Katsaros, a Child of Hecate and Lilythe's ex-boyfriend. During his previous time at Camp Halfblood, Darius used his magics to manipulate Lilythe into falling for him after Azrael started dating the Aphrodite girl. However, after a time, the tricks stopped working--having lost their potency--and Lilythe eventually broke up with him, much to his chagrin. At that time Darius left the camp, occasionally sending Lilythe roses and postcards from various locations, hoping to whittle her down traditionally. Now both have returned to camp with similar intentions: to make their feelings known. However, it seems Darius is up to his old tricks, playing with Lilythe's mind to make her fall for him. Can Azrael's love undo the powerful spells of Darius? Timeline Azrael Returns: Azrael makes his way back to camp, and old feelings start to spark. He and Lilythe share a moment before they are interrupted by the appearance of some of Lilythe's friends. Preventing any real romance from sparking between the two. Involved Characters: Lilythe Rayne, Azrael Dioltas, Streylan Karalis, and Heather Nielson. Darius Returns: Sneaking back to camp, Darius surprises Lilythe in a dark corner. The encounter is a little awkward, but by the end of it Darius should know that Lilythe has no intention of getting back together. This will anger him and spark his return to more nefarious means of securing her heart. Involved Characters: Lilythe Rayne and Darius Katsaros Romantic Rendezvous: Azrael sets up a surprise for Lilythe to show her his intentions. Everything goes perfectly and the two share a very romantic moment. Involved Characters: Lilythe Rayne and Azrael Dioltas Chaos Begins: Darius starts using the dark arts (obsession spells, illusions, etc.) to play with Lilythe's heart and separate her from Azrael. Drawing her to him and forcing her to be his through less than honorable means. This will take place over a series of roleplays and should have side roleplays in which those who care about her grow concerned for her wellbeing and try to find a solution. Involved Characters: Lilythe Rayne, Azrael Dioltas, Darius Katsaros, Streylan Karalis, and Heather Nielson Love Conquers All: Azrael manages to overcome Darius' evil trickery with the aid of Lilythe's friends. The two finally get together for as happy and ending as one can expect for two demigods. Involved Characters: Lilythe Rayne, Azrael Dioltas, Darius Katsaros, Streylan Karalis, and Heather Nielson Tracker Event 1 Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Event 2 Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Event 3 Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Event 4 Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Event 5 Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME Thread Title - PARTICIPANT NAME
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Pouring a glass for Romulus, Lilythe retorted, "Nah, I thought I'd just pour a glass and make you stare at it." She smiled and nodded towards the glass encouragingly. Lilythe had been around the camp for so long that it was hard to attend it and not know of her. Anymore it was pretty much a given that at some point you'd stumble into her during your stay and she was just as much a part of the camp as the satyrs and Chiron. As such, it wasn't uncommon to see her up at the Big House being the one to welcome new and returning campers. And anyone who interacted with her knew that she often tried to make light of things. It was a handy skill to have given the state that most people arrived in camp. However, despite her desire to keep things light, she had to make sure things weren't getting too bad out there, and given Romulus' comment, she felt the need to pry. "So just how bad was the return trip? Am I going to need to tell Chiron to talk to the satyrs and see if we can form a perimeter?" She began to sip softly on her lemonade, the second glass she'd poured after pouring Romulus'. Her worry was well warranted. Increased monster activity meant trouble brewing usually. And when major events occurred bad things happened to the campers. Now that she was the oldest camper left, Lilythe noticed herself taking responsibility for the younger campers more and more. It wouldn't sit well if things were stirring and she did nothing about it. For many reasons...
  6. Lilythe Rayne

    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Answering the door, Lilythe tapped her foot, arms crossed over her chest. “Exactly what trouble have you gotten yourself into?” She smirked a bit to show that she was more amused than anything else. It wasn’t uncommon to see campers returning to camp with some sort of bruising or another. But as it stood, it was just one of the many hazards of being a halfblood. “Looking for a bit of mischief? You’re better off talking to one of my half-siblings if you want that. Seems to run in our family.” She gave Romulus a playful wink and chuckled. Chances were, that he had experienced some sort of hardship on his way home and a bit of humor was the best way to diffuse some of the tension from it. “You want to come in?” Gesturing towards the living room she stepped aside to make room. In the living room there were now several chairs empty and a pitcher of lemonade. Fresh cut strawberries were on a plate to snack on, and the sound of hooves could be heard from the kitchen. It wasn’t overly busy around here yet. Many of the campers had started to return home for school—those who still found it safe to do so anyway—but others were coming back from quests, short breaks, and various other trips. That was why Lilythe or some other Cabin Leader was always waiting up at the abig House to welcome them with something to drink and a warm conversation. ((OoC: Welcome! We are glad to see you Roleplaying! The entrance RP process is generally meant to help explain the lore and where everything is for new members, and to enhance character development for non-new members and older campers. As such, there may be questions you have that I cannot answer in character. When this occurs I will use the OoC format like this to answer as best I can. Though to keep the RP feel, I will try to answer in character as often as I’m able.))
  7. Lilythe Rayne

    Boys Versus Girls

  8. Lilythe Rayne

    Adrian's Entrance

    The older camper watched the conversation between Adrian and Streylan with a bemused expression on her face. She could remember a time, not that long ago, when she'd had similar experiences with some other campers. It was far too amusing when one was on the outside looking in. Lilythe was so lost in her amusement it almost took her by surprise when both of the two before her asked if there was something on her mind. "No, no, no... nothing like that. You know me. I just get a little nervous when there's nothing going on. Always expect something to go wrong, you know? But I shouldn't. I really should just learn to enjoy the peace." She smiled sweetly at them both. There was no use worrying them over nothing. "Anyway, it's getting late and I'm sure both of you would like to return to your cabins. So go ahead." She waved her hands and started ushering them towards the door. ((OoC: You can start posting your exits from this thread if you want to wrap it up :3 otherwise keep going and tell Lilythe she's being crazy 😉))
  9. Lilythe Rayne

    Ready to Archive Streylan's Entrance

    Lilythe nodded in agreement. Things were never boring at Camp Halfblood. If she'd learned anything during her time, she could clearly state that. At that moment she heard a knock on the door, and her eyebrow quirked. "I wonder who that might be..." And she made her way over towards the door, grinning when she recognized the familiar face of Tenebris. "Looks like we'll have to postpone our girl time. There's a boy in our midst now." She chuckled as she let the other fellow camper in. ~~~End Entrance~~~
  10. Lilythe Rayne

    Tenebris's Entrance

    Lilythe motioned to come inside as she led Tenebris to the living room. "Dreams? That sounds like Hypnos territory. I suppose you could ask one of their campers..." She trailed off mid-sentence. It wasn't unheard of for campers to get strange dreams now and then. After all, they led pretty traumatic lives by most people's standards. How many other people could say they fought off monsters on a regular basis? Still, it was always troubling when people had them at camp. It sometimes meant trouble wasn't far behind. Lilythe shook herself back to attention. "Sorry. As I was saying, you could always talk to the kids in Hypnos' Cabin to see if any of them might be able to help calm your dreams down." The last thing they needed was for another major thing to come up. So Lilythe truly hoped the Tenebris' impressions about his dreams were off. If things were brewing... Lilythe wasn't sure she could handle another incident. Not this soon.
  11. Lilythe Rayne

    Adrian's Entrance

    Lilythe smirked as soon as she heard Streylan's greeting to the person at the door. It was another returned camper, and by the nickname Lilythe had a fairly good idea of who it was. She was not disappointed when she turned the corner to see Adrian and his sandy hair in the doorway. "Did someone say presents?" As she moved back to her chair to relax, she lifted the shirt and grinned. "How could I not? It's the perfect reminder of my favorite surfer." Lilythe chuckled. The truth was, she was fond of gifts from her friends' travels. Since she hardly ever got to wander anymore, she lived vicariously through them. There was an entire drawer in her room back at the Hermes cabin that was filled with shirts and keychains from various places. Each of them had a story attached, and all of them held sentimental value from the friends who had brought them to her. As Adrian sat down, Lilythe shook her head. "Not yet. But I'm sure they will. It's only a matter of time. You know how it goes. People come and go often." Turning to Streylan, Lilythe got a curious expression on her face. "Come to think of it, it's been pretty quiet lately. Did you see anything weird on your way back?" Lan had the uncanny ability to happen across things that helped prepare her for upcoming trouble in advance. Lilythe thought maybe there was a pack of Gorgons (Medusa and her sisters revived more quickly than most people were comfortable with...) or some of the more minor titans being pests. It would explain things for certain.
  12. Lilythe Rayne

    Ready to Archive Streylan's Entrance

    With a shrug, Lilythe replied. "I've tried to anyway. I'm not sure how good a job I've been doing, but at least I got a bit of work done." A soft smile spread to her face. While few were left at camp that had experienced the same struggles that Lilythe had in her early days, there were those who could still sympathize. Streylan had always been good about understanding. Perhaps it was because of her own struggles before coming to camp that she could relate. Whatever the reason, Lilythe knew that if she so chose, she could let her guard down around Streylan. If she so chose; but right now was not the time for that. "Well I'm sure we'll do the annual capture the flag day. Athena and Ares kids would be very disappointed if we didn't." A smirk touched her lips. It saddened Lilythe to hear that Lan wouldn't be returning to her family next year. Of course, Lilythe understood. The older you got, the stronger your aura. The easier you were to track. It was an unfortunate reality. Still, Lilythe didn't have a family to go home to. Part of her envied those who did, and it baffled her when they made the choice not to return to them. To her, she would give anything--including her life--to see her mother again. But it wasn't her place to make that choice for others, and she couldn't imagine the fear they must have for their mortal family if a monster attacked. So she accepted it. Still, her heart grieved for them. She didn't have a response, how could she. So she just placed her hand on Lan's shoulder, in an effort to comfort her, and offered a look of understanding and compassion. "I'm sort of curious to see who we get this year." Lilythe said after a few moments had passed. "It's always interesting to see what the summer brings to us."
  13. Lilythe Rayne

    Tenebris's Entrance

    As Lilythe was sitting in the living room, reading a book, she heard a sound outside the front door. Probably a new camper, she thought. Chiron still hadn't come back from his trip with the "Party Ponies" and she was still filling in as the Activities Director in his stead. Unfortunately that meant a lot of staying in the Big House, stagnating, and waiting for new campers to arrive. This was something Lilythe found less then pleasant. Meeting new campers was fine. She was the Cabin Leaders for the Hermes cabin and always welcomed new campers with open arms, so that part of her duties was perfectly fine. It was the sitting still and waiting part that drove her absolutely nuts. So she brought her book with her. The book allowed her an escape from the house, even if it was only in her mind. Setting her book aside, Lilythe made her way to the front door. Opening it, she smiled as she recognized the face behind it. "I was wondering when you'd make your way back to the camp. Have fun on your little excursion?" Many of the older campers would leave the camp, from time to time. Sometimes they made their way back, sometimes they didn't. The only time people really worried is when they were never heard from. Half-Bloods just weren't safe outside of the camp. Not unless they were living in New Rome. Monsters could come at any time, and out in the world people were way less prepared for that kind of attack. However, they couldn't really require the campers to stay either. It wouldn't be fair to them or their families. Lilythe didn't really know what had brought Tenebris to leave the camp. There hadn't been any quests lately, and the gods almost never spoke to their children, let alone asked them to do anything. So it was more than likely a personal trip. Lilythe didn't really want to pry, but she was curious. "I didn't even know you'd planned a trip. Was everything okay?"
  14. Lilythe Rayne

    Ready to Archive Streylan's Entrance

    Chuckling at Streylan's little joke, Lilythe moved in to give her friend a hug. "That you are, my friend. That you are." She shook her head as the question left Streylan's lips. "Nah. You know he never thinks twice about it. I just needed something to keep me busy. Keep myself out of my head. Seemed like a good enough project as any." Lilythe's shoulders lurched as she gave a shrug. It wasn't a secret that she had the worst time sitting still. Everyone who'd been at Camp Half-Blood for any length of time knew that Lilythe always had to have something to do. Though very few knew why. Streylan would be one of the few. While the young girl before Lilythe hadn't been here during the Titan War, it was a recent enough event that when she'd come to the camp in her early days, many of the campers were still around that had been. Lilythe being one of them. The war had pit demigod against demigod. Some scars never truly healed. "You mean any of the others who went home for the year? Nah. But they'll trickle in. They always do." Year after year the campers returned for the summer. Some, like Lilythe, stayed year round. However, those who went home didn't always return. Lilythe couldn't help but wonder if there was someone specific Streylan was worried about not returning, but she said nothing. It could be hard to talk about the people you were worried for. Especially if that concern was more than justified. Azrael...
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