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    Alexander smiled and nodded his head as he followed Streylan out into the camp itself. "Friends.." He softly mumbled to himself, not really having any back home or anything, so he was a little confused by the phrase. He looked around the camp, so he could start getting a decent idea of his way around the camp itself because he would freak out if he got lost. Alexander sighed softly and looked back to Streylan "It's so peaceful here.. which is shocking considering we are all spawn of gods." He stated looking towards her as if he hoped she would provide him with some history of the camp itself.
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    Alexander's Entrance

    Alexander sighed a little bit as he was frustrated with the fact that the travel is always going to be dangerous for students, but being as stubborn as he is he knew that he wouldn't let some failed attempts bring him down, he thought to himself 'Well, maybe when I can use my ability a little more on demand I might be able to make it easier, but I probably couldn't do it alone..' He looked to Streylan and forced a smile before shaking his head and replying "No, I do not have any further question- Well, I guess there is one. What happens next?" He asked curiously wondering how his life would proceed from here.
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    Alexander's Entrance

    Alexander looked towards Streylan and smiled softly feeling as if he finally found someone who could understand what he has been going through lately. "Do you think there is a way that we can make the journey here any safer?" He looked to her almost as if he was concerned, but not overly concerned. "I had a bit of trouble on my journey even with having an ability.. not that it helped any because I couldn't seem to use it in times of need.." Alexander stated as he was starting to mumble as if he was disappointed in his own lack of strength, having spent days training with his uncle, so that he could prepare for this. Alexander took a seat on the couch and sighed as he placed his face into his hands and rested his head there for a little bit. He lifted his head and looked to his left towards Streylan. "What if my godly parent doesn't want me?" He asked knowing that his parent has probably been watching him, it almost seemed to bother Alexander that he struggled while he knew his parent was watching the entire time not lifting a finger to help or anything.
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    Alexander's Entrance

    Alexander shook his head no at the offering of water or something to eat because he was still a little skeptical of everything that has happened to him thus far, "I am Alexander, it is nice to meet you Streylan." He stated as he smiled in her direction seeming to be a little drained from the long travel and having to protect himself and the Satyr the entire way. "I heard you mention Camp Halfblood, what is it exactly? Alls I know is that I have an ability, and I hurt someone I cared about with it.." Alexander let out a sigh due to feeling terrible about hurting his younger brother.
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    Alexander Frederickson

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    Alexander's Entrance

    Alexander looked up at the big blue house sighing slightly, remembering the long journey he had to get here in the first place. "Boy.. Honestly, if it were me I would have made it safer for campers to travel here.." He mumbled to himself, his clothes a bit torn up showing he had a bit of a struggle getting there even with the Satyr that was escorting him "Even though he escorted me, he didn't do a very good job at it." Alexander complained to himself secretly hoping nobody was around to hear his complaints. After waiting a few minutes Alexander decided that it was now or never and he was exhausted from the journey, so he marched up and knocked onto the door and stood there waiting to be greeted.
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    Alexander Frederickson General Information First Name:Alexander Last Name:Frederickson Godly Parent: Leave blank on initial app and edit after your claiming Mortal Parent:Lucille Frederickson Mortal Siblings: Zachary Frederickson (Younger brother Other significant relatives?Augustus Frederickson (Uncle) Timothy Frederickson (Father) Place of Birth: Williamsport, Pennsylvania Age:13 Date of Birth: 07/19/2005 Spoken Languages:English, Spanish Pets:Leopold (His german shepard that was left at home) Items of Importance: Necklace that had a pendant in the shape of a lightning bolt having a feint yellow glow flowing around the pendant itself, which he kept hidden beneath his shirt. Weapons: Prefers to fight hand to hand, but if he has to he has a short sword that he wields in his right hand, leaving his left hand open for mobility. Skills: Appearance Face Claim:Charlie Puth Eyes: Green Hair: Dirty Blonde Height:150 cm General Appearance: Alexander has a very gentle look about him, he doesn't look like he would purposefully harm anyone. He has medium length dirty blonde hair that rests just below the center of his forehead, dark green eyes unlike the rest of his family that has brown eyes, He is pretty muscular for the age of 13 due to the rigorous training his uncle had put him through. He is kind of pastey, and sunburns fairly easily. Personality Likes:Perfection (Alexander is a perfectionist) Animals, Competition, Orange Sherbet ice cream, Writing his day to day experiences down in his journal, Dislikes:His godly parent for abandoning him and his mom, Loneliness, When things do not go the way that he had originally wanted them to, Criticism, Cats, People that question him and his decisions Strengths:Courageous, Honorable, Responsible , Supportive, Thorough Weaknesses: Perfectionist, Takes on way too much at once, Impulsive, Wears his emotions on his sleeve, Doesn't take criticism well, Stubborn Fatal Flaw: Pride General Character Traits: Although Alexander grew up taking care of his mom who has been ill forever he has not let that change who he is now infact, his uncle has even said that Alexander is an honorable man for taking care of his mother when she went through trying times. He generally sticks to himself unless someone approaches him due to not being open with people right away because in this day and age you don't know who you can and who you can't trust. Alexander is also the type that is fairly easily readable in the sense of his emotions because no matter how hard he tries his facial expressions give it away, and lastly he has a hard time not expressing the Obsessive compulsive disorder he is ridden with. History Alexander grew up in a semi broken home, because his mom was unable to work due to having Parkinsons. As he got older he realized how much it actually affected his mom, and sympathized with her. At the age of 8 Alexander's mother Lucille passed away in a car accident while their uncle was driving, taking it upon himself Alexander's uncle decided that he was going to raise Alexander and his younger brother Zachary. Alexander was your typical boy growing up minus the traumatic experiences, but nonetheless he was still an average boy or so he thought. At the age of 9 Alexander discovered that his father is what is referred to as a "God". Wondering why his other parent never reached out, Alexander decided he was going to run from home so that he could find out his true identity. Moments after he went missing, it began to rain pretty heavily almost as if the rain was a way of communication from the godly parent, the pendant that Alexander kept hidden was glowing brighter than he had ever seen before, but he didn't know any better and continued his journey only to be found by the local police and returned home to his uncle. Alexander being as stubborn as he is refused to stay at home, which is when his uncle decided that he would help Alexander try to find out who his father truly was. One day while Alex was sitting in class staring out the window at the younger kids playing on the playground, when suddenly a man walks onto the school property, the only one to notice him being Alexander himself. Soon after the gentleman entered the school, the loudspeaker went off and the principal stated that everyone is to remain in their classrooms until further notice due to them having an intruder, Alexander being the boy that he is jumped up out of his seat and ran out into the hallway where he would make an attempt to stop the assailant though he himself didn't have a clue in how he would stop him. The pendant that Alexander kept under his shirt was glowing bright yellow, and as Alexander approached where the school's entrance was the lights began to flicker in the entire school. Alexander found himself more scared than anything, so he rushed into the janitor's closet near him hoping the intruder wouldn't find him. After hours of hiding, the lights completely off at this point due to an unknown source, the intruder completely gone, they came across Alexander hiding in the closet, mentally beating himself up because he wussed out of trying to stop the person himself. Alexander now being 11 years old, has slowly started to notice his body really shaping up to the point where he is pretty muscular (for an 11 year old of course) Augustus has noticed his nephews rapid growth, and made the conscious decision to help him learn how to fight, so that if the day ever arose that he would have to defend someone he cared about he would be able to. The training wasn't easy Augustus put Alexander through the ringer quite a few times from broken bones to concussion after concussion, but Alexander being the boy that he is refused to give up, and pushed himself again and again. Augustus smiled at his nephews progress knowing that he put his all into training like his mother would have wanted him to. Alexander also expressed to his uncle that lately whenever his emotions change drastically (like he gets mad or upset) things happen. Augustus being curious he asked his nephew "Well, what do you mean? Can you describe this feeling?" Alexander nodded his head and stated "Well, whenever I am angry I feel strange. Like there is this build up inside of me, and I want to release it all, but I am afraid that if I do people will get hurt.. Whenever I am upset, I feel almost warm inside, like the energy build up is there, but a little lackluster. If you know what I am saying." Augustus nodded his head, and decided to try to provoke Alexander, so that he could witness this "energy" and diagnose it properly, so he walked up to the boy and punched him square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to fall onto his butt. Alexander not liking the idea much, got angry pretty quick. The pendant immediately flashed a bright yellow light and the lights began to flicker inside of the house, and sparks began to form at his finger tips. Augustus looked at his nephew almost shocked, as he came to the realization as to who the boy's father really was, but he would not share that information with Alexander and kept it to himself because it would be better if he came to the realization himself. A few months passed by, and Alexander started to notice something about himself whenever he would get mad or upset. He and his brother Zachary began to argue one day, and as Alexander got angry he began to feel this energy flow through him, the pendant began to glow as sparks formed around his hands. Zachary noticing the sparks reached out to his brother's hand and instantly got burned due to how hot the sparks were, Alexander completely snapped out of it and looked to his brother that was now on the ground crying because of the burn. "Oh my god, I am so sorry! I had no idea what I was doing!!!" He exclaimed to his brother whom he had no intention of actually hurting, as he rushed his brother to his uncle showing him what he had done, his uncle grabbed burn ointment and treated Zachary's burn wound. Zachary looking at his brother mortified the entire time, Alexander feeling bad he left the room and went into his own room where he locked the door and sat against it. He started to think about who his parent was, and why he himself would have an ability like this. "I didn't want to hurt anyone.." He mumbled as tears ran down his cheeks obviously feeling bad that he hurt his own family with an unknown ability. Alexander now being the age of 13, he walks down the stairs to the kitchen finding his uncle sitting at the dining room table. Alexander looked concerned and sighed slightly before sitting at the table. You are going to be sent to this camp because it is what is best for you." Augustus stated, looking at his son seeming like he was concerned. Alexander looked to the left and looked to the right at each individual and shook his head "If my godly parent wanted anything to do with me, they would have communicated with me by now." Alexander stated the words coming out of his mouth like daggers, his uncle chuckled and pointed towards Alexander's chest at the pendant. Alexander took it out from under his shirt and looked down at the lightning bolt. "It was a gift.. from my father?" Alexander had a hard time spitting those words out, tears forming in his eyes before wiping them clean and sniffling. "Do you think they will accept me? I couldn't even take care of mom." Alexander huffed as if he was giving up on himself before he could even make the attempt, his uncle and father smiled at eachother than towards Alexander "That bolt of lightning from a few years ago proves that they will accept you." Augustus replied. Alexander looked towards the both of them "And what about Zachary? He can't come with me. He will be lonely." Alexander stated trying to come up with an excuse to get out of leaving all together due to the fear of rejection from his real parent and fellow campers. "Zachary come in here for a second." Augustus stated, within seconds Zachary emerged from the other room, and smiled towards his older brother. "Alexander has to go away for a while, do you think that you will be okay with that?" Zachary looked towards his older brother whom he had always looked up to, and nodded his head. "It will be hard, but it doesn't mean it's forever!" Zachary stated, as Alexander nodded having his decision made for him on his brother stating that he would be more than okay with it, he went to his room and began to pack for the trip. Augustus pulled Alexander aside and smiled towards the boy. "I called my friend, he will be coming to pick you up tomorrow. It is time you met who your father is, and this person will help you do that." Alexander looked to his uncle tears forming in his eyes as if he was happy. "Thank you Uncle Augustus. For everything, you know that I always thought of you as a father. I love you." He hugged his uncle tightly, and ran upstairs and fell asleep until the next day. The next morning, Alexander sprinted out of bed after getting dressed as if he was excited to leave. He was met at the bottom of the steps by an unknown creature, the pendant began to glow and sparks formed around Alexander's hands as he looked at the stranger. "Who are you?" Alexander asked calmly almost as if he was thinking ahead of what he would do if he missed with the attack, but before he could move his uncle Augustus came from the kitchen. "Ah, you're awake Alexander! This is my friend, Asterius, he will be helping you on your journey to the camp that you will discover your godly parent in. I met him years ago after an incident happened." Alexander looked towards his uncle and nodded his head before hugging him goodbye and then hugging his brother Zachary goodbye, trying to hold back the tears the entire time. "Just because I am leaving now, doesn't mean I won't be back one day. I love you guys." Alexander couldn't hold the tears back and started to cry, which caused his brother and Uncle to both cry as well. Even Asterius started to tear up, he placed his hand on Alexander's shoulder "We must go now, if we are going to make it there before the claiming ceremony." Alexander looked up before wiping his cheeks and nodded before exiting the house with the Satyr. Out of Character Alias:Taylor How old are you IRL?: 22 (about to be 23 in july) How did you hear about us? Lilythe Have you read and do you agree to the site rules?Yes Other Characters?:N/A Is this character fulfilling a want ad?No? If yes, for which member? ?? Roleplay Sample Rorrim smirked at his multiple opponents knowing that this would not be an easy win like all of the others, he quickly reached into his pocket pulling out a semi big shard of glass that was reflective (almost as if it were a broken mirror) He threw the shard towards the man standing off to his right, and before the guy knew it he had fallen to the ground incapacitated. Rorrim looked towards the two males standing off to the left and boasted "You really think, that the three of you are going to be able to compete with me? Do you wanna know the trick? I can reach through the mirrors and attack you with whatever I please, so I will ask you this again. Do you want to play a game?" He chuckled almost sadistically as if he was enjoying the entire fiasco. The gentleman that was standing a little more to the right of the other one, quickly rushed towards Rorrim not giving him a second to react. Rorrim seemed like he wasn't afraid at all of the man rushing towards him, and vaulted himself into the air propelling himself over the person, and planted his feet onto the ground of the person standing more to the left. He tapped the person on the shoulder "I am over here, just incase you were wondering." He said as he jammed a piece of mirror shard into the persons' back not giving him a moment to react towards his movements. "Honestly, I thought you guys would have given me more of a challenge than this. But oh well, I suppose it's time to bring the game to an end." He sighed due to having thoroughly enjoyed playing with his subjects, the third person began to sprint away as if Rorrim would not be able to catch him. After hours of looking, Rorrim was unable to successfully locate the male whom had slipped through his grasp. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided that the third victim probably wasn't worth the energy and emptied his pockets of all of his mirror shards scattering them on the grassy plain before him. Rorrim snapped his fingers, and in an instant a pitch black mirror formed creating a perfect circle. Rorrim stepped forward onto the mirror and disappeared along with the mirror that had formed. Mature Content Preferences For each question, score from 0-5 0 = hard limit; no tolerance - do not cross this line 1 = reference only 2 = soft limit; approach with caution 3 = permitted; use infrequently but without explicit detail 4 = neutral; use infrequently with explicit detail 5 = no limit; open to whatever goes; explicit detail Erotic Content Sensitive Subjects Sex:5 Incest:5 Humiliation:5 Sex toy use:5 Sex With Minors (character only- NOT underage Members):5 Rape:0 Sexual Assault:0 Fisting:0 Blood:5 Menstrual Blood:5 Urolagnia (urine):0 Homosexuality:5 Heterosexuality:5 Bi-sexuality:5 Threesomes or Group Sex: 5 Scenes depicting Bulimia:5 Scenes depicting Anorexia:5 Scenes depicting small, dark, confined spaces:5 Scenes depicting kidnapping:5 Scenes depicting fertility struggles:5 Scenes depicting self harm:5 Scenes depicting drug use:5 Scenes depicting alcohol use:5 Suicide:5 Terminal Illness:5 Abortion/Miscarriage:5 Racism:1 Misogyny:5 Misandry:5 Transphobia:5 Homophobia:5 Violent Content Additional Notes Slapping:5 Piercing/Needles:5 Punching:5 Biting:5 Cutting:5 Stabbing:5 Domestic Abuse:5 Animal Sacrifice:3 Burning; i.e. branding:5 Words Not Permitted in My Threads:I do not have any preferences Additional Hard Limits:None that come to mind right now Additional Things To Discuss with Me First: Killing my character Writer Agreement By registering on Demigods and Monsters, I agree to follow all of the rules of the site. I acknowledge and agree that my limits are not the same as everyone else's. And that it is my responsibility to control my exposure, not that of the Site Staff. I understand that there may be instances where I am offended by reading other people's threads and that if I am, I should stop reading immediately. I understand that if I am made uncomfortable by someone else writing with me, it's my responsibility to talk to them to remind them before contacting Site Staff. Under no circumstances will I judge, ridicule, or become petty with another writer because their comfort levels are not the same as mine. When I agree to write with another writer, I will not deliberately cross any hard limits that person has for the duration of our thread and will address and correct any limits crossed on accident.