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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Ready to Archive Fireworks and Fun

    "Oh! I wouldn't off to taste test! Someone got their hands on caviar and made caviar sandwiches... I did not get a chance to avoid it." Romulus shuddered at the remembered tasted of the offending food. "Wanted to know if they needed to add cheese to it...Rather just dive in when the food is ready so you can get the edible stuff!" He looked around, noting that most was already done, "We can head over to the "staging" area and see if..." but he stopped when he heard a short scream from inland. Looking over he saw Streylan pacing along the shore, he pointed her out to Lilythe, "Is something the matter?" he asked, not sure why she had screamed...
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    Romulus had been out for a walk, totally lost in thought about nothing at all and simply letting his feet take him where they will. The only issue with being so lost in thought was that he hadn't "seen" Sterylan, the Tyche cabin leader, until he had walked right up behind her. Startling himself as he realised that he had all but walked into her, "I am sorry!" He said, voice feeling rather loud in the quite of the Amphitheater.
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    Ready to Archive Fireworks and Fun

    Romulus had at first planned for a quiet evening in his cabin, but those plans had faded away when he had been roped in my some of the satyrs with the loading and unloading of the pegasi that were acting as air carriers for the party they had planned down on the beach. With no real reason to say no, Romulus found the first part of his early evening filled with the time-consuming and repetitive actions of packing, flying, unpacking of the pegasuses of supplies for the evening as satyrs set about setting everything up once it was all unloaded onto the sand. As he came in with the last load he looked down at the beach as the last rays of light washed over the shore and spotted the figure of the camp leader Lilythe. Landing he left the last load of unpacking to the satyrs who were now more free to help with such things now that most of the set up was done and he approached Lilythe, catching what her comments, Romulus cleared his throat before saying, "They didn't tell me either until they roped me in to help set everything up..."
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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Romulus nodded, "Maybe there it is as something as simple as another child of the Big Three arriving this year..." He said, trying and sort of failing for something semi-comforting, feeling guilty for having brought up the obviously painful past. Smiling, partly in relief that he got to now escape, Romulus took the last sip from his glass and then rose, "I can indeed find my way around now... and I have a few people that I need to still say hello to. I promised them last year that they would be my second stop when I returned. Would hate to break that promise, pegasuses have such sad faces when they sulk." With a few last and final words, he left the cabin, steps quick and certain as he headed towards his cabin, the Posiden Cabin or Cabin number three... it was a place of many names he noted. Dropping off his bags he then went and made his promised greeting of the pegasuses that called the Camp home. ((Yay! First thread done! Now just need to find another :D))
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    Boys Versus Girls

    Ahhh snap! lol 62?
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    I will! Thank you for the welcome! ❤️
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    "Far more than my first to be honest!" Romulus said, relaxing onto the conversation more. Maybe his mother had been right, about talking not being that hard. "I would hate to be a first year coming in through whatever is happening out there." He shook he head and took another long drink of lemonade, the hint of tartness that the lemon gave quenching his thirst. "I don't know but I hope that it fades soon. I would hate to get caught in something like what happened a few years ago..." The last was said with a little unawareness of who he was speaking to. Lost in just focusing on talking Romulus had simply spoken of around the camp. The events of the Titan War having taken on something akin to legend or fable among the Campers. But his brain wasn't far behind his words however as he paused, a blush running up to his cheeks and an abashed look running quickly over his face. "I am sorry..." he said quickly, knowing that she had quite possibly been caught up in the events of the past. Unable to think of anything else to say to cover his lapse in memory, Romulus dived ahead, "It is a small comfort to know that the Oracle hasn't said anything yet...."
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Romulus picked up the glass and took a long drink from it, almost emptying the glass utterly. "I am not sure if there are more of them or not... but whatever it was, was big!" He said, unsure if the threat was worth the extra manpower or not... "The journey is was rather calm, not thinking about it, possibly to calm, the excitement only started once we were quite a ways into the surrounding forest. There was something a little off in the air.. a creepy feeling then suddenly Gilburt was yelling at me to run, and I didn't ague! He had a good look at whatever it was and we just took off. Whatever it was we were just keeping ahead of it, I could hear it crashing through the trees behind me and but we were doing ok, in a run for your life kind of way. Until I tried to see where the monster was and not watching where I was going, fell into a rather large hole on the ground." He gestured to the mud the coated his jeans. "Got pulled out and to safety by the back of my neck.. then there was more running and more dodging. I am ok, apart from some bruises, it might have been a little different if Gilbert hadn't spotted it or it hadn't pounced too early. Either way I do think we were lucky." Sensing the worry that Lilythe felt he asked, "Do you think that there could be more of them out there?" If there were then quite possibly it was indeed a worry as while he had not seen what it was clearly enough to identify it, it was big enough that the idea of more being out there made his feet itch with the need to run. (Hi! Sorry for the long quiet, was just super busy IRL. I do have a question to ask you, as a child of one of the big three would Romulus be more prone to monster attacks or not? I sort of have a lingering feeling that it was mentioned in the books but can't at all remember! ?)
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Romulus looked around at the sound of the door opening the form of the Lilythe, the Cabin leader, outlined in the doorway. A small smile on her face as she joked about the state that he was in. Standing, Romulus gave a reserved smile in response and said in a quiet manner, "It was more like trouble had brought along it's own mischief and both were laying in wait for me. Not sure I would survive bringing my own trouble along!" The last was meant as a joke... he was trying to take he mothers advice about being more outgoing, 'Talk to people dear!' as she had said before he had left. But he wasn't sure how well it was going. "I would not mind!" he said following her into the welcoming living room. Empty chairs were scattered about and there were tempting pitchers of lemonade upon the table, droplets of water on their sides and plates of snacks about. Seeing the food and drink reminded him of the hunger and more importantly the thirst that running for his life had given him. Pointing to the table and pitchers he politely asked, "Could I have a glass? I just realised how thirsty I am..." ((OoC: Thank you! ? I will keep that in mind as we go... To be honest I am mostly using this to get a handle on how to write the character. It always takes me a little time to get into the right style and movements and habits for consistent posting.))
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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    Romulus stepped up onto the stairs of the Cabin Leaders house, feeling a little odd about being back, the break had been pleasant, if somewhat odd, one as it had really brought home to him that he now lived in two worlds. With an internal sigh as he sat in one of the chairs that were always outside on the balcony, happy to find that, for the time being, he was alone and he could just sit and set his mind to now being in this world again. The world where he wasn't just the son of Ellis, but the son of Poseidon. A Roman god. Even after a year it still felt a little unreal, but real it was and he had to get used to it. Being the son of a god could be deadly for your health as he had once again been reminded on the trip back to the camp. He attempted to brush a little of the mud that caked his jeans, feeling a twinge of guilt at the fact that his falling into an unseen hole in the ground had almost gotten the Satyr escorting him in eaten. But they had made it with just a few splats of mud and a singed hairs, which considering what could have happened wasn't really all that bad. Now the Satyr had gone to find the Camp Leader to notify them that he had arrived in one piece. Settling deeper into the chair part of Romulus wondered if they thought that this was a happy occurrence or not. He now knew that he was not hugely wanted as pretty much everyone including his father had agreed that the world was better without any of the Big Three's children in it. On the upside, he was looking forward to spending some time with the pegasi, they had promised to take him flying this year if he returned in one piece.