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  1. Streylan Karalis

    Open Decorating the Hall

    This would be the first Holiday that Sterylan wouldn't be going back home. Too many memories there. She had already told her sister bye, which was bittersweet since well she had been going to her grave every year since she passed away. There was a small frown on the young girls face as she neared the mess hall. She knew that Lilythe was going to be doing something for the campers. Most of them were staying at the camp. For some reason, there had been loads of things going on outside in the real world as she liked to call it. The normal people. The kids here were anything but normal, and as much as she wanted to think that she was, she wasn't. Though this was normal for her now. She brushed some of her red hair behind her ear as she entered the hall and looked at Lilythe there cutting things. A red brow rose a little as she made her way to her. "I think you've outdone yourself this time," Straylan said as she sat in front of her with a small smile, though she was still hurting at the moment.
  2. Streylan Karalis

    Streylan's Crush

    Tiegan Oconnell General Information Tiegan is 18 going on 19 years old. Playby: Thomas Brodie Sangster. He would be a Hermes child. Shipped with Sterylan, but open to having relations with others. (Jealous Streylan is fun to play) He isn't that active but will help when and where he is needed. He is rather close to his siblings and tries to make them happy at all costs. He has a slight hate for his father but who in camp doesn't really? He isn't bad at things, but he isn't the best at them neither. He more or less draws a line right in the middle of things. He didn't have a rather good childhood as he and his older brother ran away from home when he was about six years old. Their mother was a drunk and blamed it all on the boys and would try to harm Tiegan but his older brother would always get in the way of that happening. Upon leaving the place, he and his brother lived on the stress with some other kids. Even though he was one of the youngest ones in the group, he had learned that he had the ability to get things without people noticing too much. There had been times where he was caught but got away. Most of his background is up to the writer, and what they feel works with the character. However, he was one of the couple people that Streylan had met when she got to camp. He along with Lilythe (who would be his half-sister) were the ones that made her feel more at ease with her life and losing her twin sister.
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    Doctor? Doctor Who? katherine mcnamara
  4. Streylan Karalis

    Ready to Archive Fireworks and Fun

    Streylan was trying to find Lilythe, though as she asked around she had heard that she was at the beach. Those that knew her knew that going to anything that was beachy unless war games was a big no-no for her. As well when she was little she had lost her twin sister to a monster at a beach like place near their house. Though there was something that needed to be asked of her dear friend. However, once she got to the place she noticed that there were others there as well. Were they setting up for a party? Ugh! her luck. She started bouncing on her heels as she got more nervous about the walk she had to go to get to her. Taking a deep breath she placed one foot on the sand and screamed and fell back on her butt. Yeah, this wasn't going to work. She sighed as she sat up crisscrossed in the grass that was right next to the beach. As much as she wanted to get over this little fact, it was something that was imprinted in her mind. Her red hair waved around and she grumbled a little. She was a fearless fighter but scared to death of a beach. Fearless indeed.
  5. Streylan Karalis

    Open A little Card fun

    This had been going pretty well for Sterylan at the moment. She had been in the camp for a while now and it looked like old and new campers were fitting along just fine. It was good that she didn't have to feel pressured to put a smackdown on someone. She sighed softly as she took a seat on the ground and pulled out a deck of cards and started messing with them. She hadn't had any new siblings yet, which was a little sad on her part but that was okay. She knew they were out there she just hoped they weren't meeting the same end as her twin sister. Without realizing what she had started a card game with herself. She blinked and smiled softly as she picked up some cards.
  6. Streylan Karalis

    Boys Versus Girls

  7. Streylan Karalis


    OH! Welcome to the board. ? Glad to have more people on now. But yes please bring others over if you want to. ?
  8. Streylan Karalis

    Ready to Archive Streylan's Entrance

    Lan smiled at her and looked around. "I mean it looks good in here. So I'm sure you have done an amazing job." She grinned before adding, "I'm sure the Ares kids have been keeping the infirmary busy though." She laughed thinking about it. They were always in there. Sometimes, Lan thought they got a little to carried away with things. Lan laughed hard at the capture the flag deal. "You think that if we just let them play that they would kill each other?" She grinned thinking about it. Though she didn't think the others would like it too much. It was a fun game and she loved playing it herself. After all, it was about the only fun around the place they had. Beating up on each other. What joy. Lan could tell her words upset Lilythe but she couldn't help it. It was something that was going to have to be said. She wasn't going to be able to put her family in danger anymore. She had always felt that it was her fault that her sister had died and it wasn't going to happen again. But she knew that the older camper understood to the fullest why she had made the choice. The change of conversation felt good. She nodded agreeing with her. "I agree. I wonder if I'll get any siblings or not. It about time mom did something for us." She grinned thinking how old it was to wish for siblings. "I'm sure it will not be boring." She said as she tapped her head with a finger.
  9. Streylan Karalis

    Adrian's Entrance

    Lan couldn't help but smirk at the nickname and shake her head a little. "I would never expect anything less from you." She said as she closed the door as he entered the house. She tiled her head a little as he said that he brought gifts. "Awe! you shouldn't have." She grinned as she sat down. She looked up and smiled as Lilythe entered the room too. It was nice to have everyone showing up now. She picked up the shirt and laughed a little. "I'll keep it forever." She grinned and then picked up the shells. They were pretty. She didn't go to the beaches much, well outside of the camp that was. To much there that could get her hurt. She was still admiring the shells as the two keep talking. Her head lifted up as she noticed Lilythe turn to her out of the corner of her eye. The redhead blinked a little and shook her head to the question. "I mean, I got some strange looks more than normal. It was like they were watching my every move, but other than that nothing happened" She said as she placed her hands on the arm of the chair. "Think there is something wrong?" she wondered sitting up a little more looking at both the people in the room with her. By the gods please, she wasn't ready to be fighting at the moment.
  10. Streylan Karalis

    Boys Versus Girls

  11. Streylan Karalis

    Change a letter

  12. Streylan Karalis

    Alexander's Entrance

    Lan smiled a the boy. He was young yet and he would soon be making friends and well moving on with his life within the camp. It was a good feeling to be able to help people sometimes. She tilted her head to the side and nodded at his question. The older camper stood up, fixing her shirt. "Well, that is a wonderful question." She laughed and started to walk to the back door of the house. "I get to show you the camp." She grinned and waved her hand, telling him to follow her as she stepped outside the house looking into the camp area. Follow me here.
  13. Streylan Karalis

    Showing around the camp: Tag Alexander

    Lan was excited. There would be a campfire after the sun went down and all the new little campers would be going to their new cabins, well that or they would go to Hermes cabin. Since that was where the campers who weren't claimed went. She smiled a little as she waited for the boy to walk outside. Once he was there she crossed her arms a little and took a deep breath. She wasn't going to leave the place again now that she was back. She turned to the boy and smiled brightly. "This is Camp Halfblood. Where people like us thrive and train." She started and turned back to the big house. "This is where Chiron spends most of his time. You'll see them soon." She said and then her mouth made an 'O' shape. "If you go and looked through the house, you'll see a lot of Mr. D. Well Dionysus, he left a lot of himself around after he left the camp since Zeus let him leave." She grinned and went on. She was sure the boy didn't really care too much about that. "You will also see a lot of Liythe there as well. You will see her later tonight when we get to the claiming. She is the cabin leader of Hermes. It is where most new campers go if their parent doesn't claim them at the moment." she wanted to make sure he understood that he was welcome no matter if he was claimed tonight or not. She smiled at him and waited for him to take it all in. "If you're ready I'll show you the cabins." she smiled as she tucked some of her red hair behind her ear.
  14. Streylan Karalis

    Adrian's Entrance

    Lan had been hanging with Liythe and of course, they were catching up with things that happened over the break. However, at the moment he ear started burning and she gave the other girl a rather funny look. Touching it slightly she shook her head. Someone was talking about her. She got up from the chair and walked to the door and opened it. The surfboard is what gave him away and of course, she smirked. "Welcome back beach boy." She grinned at him as she waited for him to make his way into the big house. So far it seemed like the camps older kids were making it to camp without any problems. Though she didn't know that for sure. She was a little nervous about some not making it back. "Looks like you made it back okay. Didn't run into any trouble did you?" She asked as she sat down back in the chair and grabbed her drink. It had been a strange start of the year. Something was going to happen, but she didn't know what, but she was okay with it right now. All her friends were showing up at the moment.
  15. Streylan Karalis

    Important! The Claiming

    There were many children that were entering the camp and of course Lan was excited to see what was going to happen to them. She knew that each year was different from the last. It was nice to see thing happen. To see the gods pick their children. She had finally gotten to know most if not all of the god's symbols. It was rather interesting. Her favorite was still her mother's symbol though. It meant that she was going to have more siblings. She grinned as she crossed her legs out in front of herself and turned her head once she heard Lilythe start speaking. She was excited now. Where were the drinks?