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  1. Site-Wide Activity Check Hey there everyone! Just stopping in to check and see who is still active! If you're still interested in being active on the site, please make sure you respond to this thread with the form below by December 1st. Anyone who does not respond will be re-sorted to inactive and will have to go through the re-activation process in the Help Desk area. If you have more than one character, please fill out the form for each character, but do so in one post (for example, if you have 5 characters, just create one post in this thread on your primary account but include each character on it). Form Alias: Character: Keeping/Retiring/Inactive: Who's Who? Antavas Tenebris Umbra -- ??? AzureMoon Adrian Moonwolf -- ✔️ Conni Romulus Sterling -- ??? Lilythe Lilythe Rayne -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Nix Streylan Karalis --✔️ Zoey Mitchell -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Sev Adelaide Young --✔️ Taylor Alexander Frederickson -- ??? Excalibur Staff Account -- ???
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    Important! Character Reactivation

    Character Reactivation We get it, life happens and you get busy and forget to post in the activity check. We've all done it. This is your quick and easy reactivation! All you have to do is provide a link to your "inactive" profile and give us the appropriate sorting groups, and you'll be on your way! Form Account to be Reactivated: Member Groups: (what groups were they? we have a list, but this will speed things up!) Link to Inactive Character's Application
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    Activity Check! Activity Check #1

    Alias: LilytheCharacter: Lilythe RayneKeeping/Retiring/Inactive: Keeping Character: Aislynn O'NeilKeeping/Retiring/Inactive: Keeping
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    Important! Who's Who?

    Who's Who? Since we go by aliases here on our site, but we also enforce character counts, we needed a way to keep track of everyone! As a result, the Who's Who board was born. Below is an alphabetical list of all the aliases and the characters which belong to them. Upon approval of your first character, fill out the appropriate form at the bottom of the list to secure your Alias. For each additional character approval, you will post here with the subsequent form to add the character to your Alias! Additionally, the Who's Who tracker allows us to make sure that ratios are kept. For example, to maintain the integrity of the LGBTQ community, and the challenges the members of the community face, we have ratios to ensure that we don't misrepresent the population or diminish the struggles they face in finding a partner (ratios can be find in the character creation section of the site rules). Additionally, there are ratios as to how many "limited" characters you can have. Limited characters refer to children of the Big Three, among other possibilities. As you can see, the Who's Who is vital to ensuring organization throughout the site. Failure to sign the Who's Who may result in removal of your character should you remain unresponsive to warnings. Below are some frequently asked questions. What is the difference between an Alias and a Character? Your Alias is your pen name. It is what you, the writer, wish to be called out of character. Your Alias can be your real name, or a name that is completely made up. However it is one word as opposed to a character name that would require both a first and last name. The character name is the name for your character. You, as a writer, will only have one alias, but you might choose to have multiple characters. Are there limitations to Aliases? Very few. Essentially, don't make your name anything super inappropriate or offensive. Can I change my Alias? You are allowed 1 Alias change per year. The name you are changing to cannot already be taken, and if you change your alias, you give up any rights to your prior alias. For example, if Lilythe changed her alias to something else, someone else could take the Alias Lilythe as soon as it was available. Changes will be denoted in asterisks (*) below including the date and the original alias. Key Female Male Trans Female Trans Male Non-binary Forms Here are the forms to fill out. Make sure you fill out the appropriate one for your needs. New Members Chosen Alias: Join Date: Character Name: Character Age: Character Gender: Female/Male/Trans Female/Trans Male/Nonbinary Orientation: Face Claim: Preferred Contact Method: Link to Preferred Gif: (if none is provided, we'll pick one) Link to Approved Application: (the alias you chose must be the same as your application) New Character Only Chosen Alias: Time Zone: Character Name: Character Age: Character Gender: Female/Male/Trans Female/Trans Male/Nonbinary Orientation: Face Claim: Link to Preferred Gif: (if none is provided, we'll pick one) Link to Approved Application: (your alias must be on your application) Alias Change Current Alias: New Alias: Today's Date: Antavas Tenebris Umbra 19 years old Cabin Leader (Child of Hecate) Alexander Calvert Straight Active Arizona / pm / joined May 10, 2018 AzureMoon Adrian Moonwolf 15 years old Child of Athena Heath Ledger Straight Active Arizona / pm / joined May 14, 2018 Conni Romulus Sterling 14 years old Child of Poseidon Brenton Thwaites Straight Active ??? / pm / joined July 29, 2018 Lilythe Lilythe Rayne 22 years old Cabin Leader (Child of Hermes) Jenna Coleman Straight Active Arizona / discord / joined May 8, 2018 Nix Streylan Karalis 17 years old Cabin Leader (Child of Tyche) Katherine Macnamera Straight Active Zoey Mitchell 13 years old Half-Blood Camper Jade Weber Straight Active Eastern / PM / joined May 9, 2018 Sev Adelaide Young 13 years old Half-Blood Camper Millie Bobby Brown Straight Active Eastern / discord / joined September 14th, 2018 Taylor Alexander Frederickson 17 years old Half-Blood Camper (Child of Zeus) Charlie Puth Straight Active Eastern / PM / joined May 11, 2018
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    Face Claim

    Face Claim This is where you can request a celebrity face to represent your character. While this is not a requirement, it is strongly encouraged. Please be certain that you have read and understood the rules before applying for your face claim. Administrator for this page: @Lilythe Rules To request a character face, first check the lists below to be certain that nobody has yet claimed the face you desire to use. Profiles must be completed. Before you can have a face approved, you must have completed a profile. This helps ensure that one person doesn't snatch up all the 'good faces' simply because they have a plethora of accounts. Canon faces are off limits. Unless you are playing a canon character, you may not request a face that appeared in any of the films that take place in the Percy Jackson universe. Duplicate faces must have approval. If you wish to use a face that is already in use, please be sure that you fill out the appropriate form. It requires approval from the person already using the face in order to be granted. Administrators, Canons, and Champions have special rules regarding their claims. Admins and Canon face claims never expire. Champion are safe for up to 90 days of inactivity. After that time, they remain approved for that character permanently, but another writer may use them without having to request a shared face with the writer, however anyone seeking to use an inactive Champion face will face the additional challenge of us contacting the person as if it were a duplicate face request to give them one final chance to preserve their claim. They will have 5 days to respond, no more no less. Normal face claim reserve policy. Any other character that goes inactive for 30 days surrenders the rights to their character face, and duplicates may be requested without a PM, however they must use the duplicate face request form below. Face Claim Request Forms Please copy and paste the appropriate form into a reply below. You will be PMed when your Face is approved. This generally takes up to 72 hours. We request your patience. Disclaimer: Requesting a face does not guarantee approval. After submitting your face claim request you must wait for your submission to be approved by the administrator. General Face Request Character Name: Face Requested: Link to Completed Profile: Inactive Face Request Inactive Character Name: Link to Inactive Profile: Celebrity Face: Your Character Name: Link to Completed Profile: Duplicate Face Request Celebrity Face: Present Face Holder: (Will be PMed to confirm permission) Your Character Name: Link to Completed Profile: Unlimited Reserve These are the exception to the rule. These faces belong to admin/mods who have worked hard for this site and earned exclusive rights to their face on the site. Each administrator and moderator will be allowed only one face that is protected. However this face will remain protected indefinitely, and will be unavailable for use for others, even if the administrator or moderator leaves the site. Administrators Coleman, Jenna Louise - Lilythe Rayne - Lilythe McNamera, Katherine - Streylan Karalis - Nix Moderators Lastname, Firstname - Character Name Site Staff Lastname, Firstname - Character Name Canon Reserve These faces cannot be used by anyone but the canons themselves. Canon Faces From the Movies Abel, Jake - Luke Castellan Bean, Sean - Zeus Brosnan, Pierce - Chiron Cerra, Erica - Hera Coates, Conrad - Hephaestus Coogan, Steve - Hades Daddario, Alexandra - Annabeth Chase Dawson, Rosario - Persephone Fillion, Nathan - Hermes Grauer, Ona - Artemis Jackson, Brandon T. - Grover Underwood Kanakaredes, Melina - Athena Keener, Catherine - Sally Jackson Knepper, Robert - Kronos Kwiatkowski, Paloma - Thalia Grace Lekkos, Dimitri - Apollo Lerman, Logan - Percy Jackson McKidd, Kevin - Poseidon Rambin, Leven - Clarisse LaRue Smith, Douglas - Tyson Swan, Serinda - Aphrodite Thurman, Uma - Medusa Tucci, Stanley - Dionysus von Pfetten, Stephanie - Demeter Winstone, Ray - Ares Canon Faces Not Featured in the Movies Amell, Stephen - Azrael Dioltas Last name, First Name - Iris Last name, First name - Hebe Last name, First name - Hypnos Last name, First name - Nike Last name, First name - Nemisis Last name, First name - Tyche Last name, First name - Hecate Last name, First name - Rachel Elizabeth Dare Champion Reserve These cannot be used by anyone, unless the member has gone inactive for more than 90 days, as they have dedicated a significant amount of time to the site on this particular character and have earned to have their face preserved. Members of this group will always retain rights to their character, even if someone else is granted a duplicate face. To qualify as a champion, your character must have completed 7 quests or plot events as denoted by a participation bead in their awards box. Lastname, Firstname - Character Name Face Claim These are the faces to which the standard rules apply. Brown, Millie Bobby - Adelaide Young Calvert, Alexander - Tenebris Umbra Ledger, Heath - Adrian Moonwolf Puth, Charlie - Alexander Frederickson Thwaites, Brenton - Romulus Sterling Weber, Jade - Zoey Mitchell
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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Boys Versus Girls

    64! Girls, where are you? Come help me out here!!!
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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Boys Versus Girls

    *ahem* cheater, it would only have been 62 So... 64 now!
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    Boys Versus Girls

    64 dang it! xD
  11. Our Mythical Creature Reserve/Claim is now Live! As you can probably guess from the title, we are pleased to inform you that you can now create creature characters. For now we have a limited selection of Satyrs, Centaurs, Nymphs, and Empousa. However as our site grows, so will the list. To check out the claim, please visit here Sincerely, Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff
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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Boys Versus Girls

    64 :3
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    Boys Versus Girls

    Teehee thanks for the help, but you're writing a boy so you're supposed to make it go down xD 64
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    Important! Site Glitches Help Desk

    Site Glitches Help Desk We'd like to think that the Admins know everything, that the Moderators are super heroes, and that the Support Staff have magic wands they can wave to fix things. But we don't. Sometimes we mess up and don't realize it caused a bug on the site. Below you'll find an array of topics and forms you can fill out to help us get to fixing the glitch faster! Help the Prefix I need isn't there! So you want to create a forum for your Character Plot, or one that's Open, or one that contains Mature content, but you can't find the Prefix you need. Or maybe you're ready to archive your thread. You're just done with it and ready for it to go into the archive. You go to put the prefix there and whoops! Staff forgot to approve it for that forum! Form Character Name: (remember, must be FirstName LastName setup, your character's name. Alias accounts are solely for staff members) Desired Prefix: (which prefix were you trying to use?) Forum to use it in: (In which forum were you trying to put your thread? Be as specific as possible) Other For anything else related to site glitches! Form Type of Glitch: (is it account based, permissions based, or coding based... best guess is okay) Description: (What's going on?) Pictures: (if possible, so we can see it)
  16. Dear Members, Lilythe has automated the warning system. How does this impact me? In reality, it shouldn't. It still operates in much the same way as before. You will be first sent a PM to ask you to fix something. If you don't comply the warning will be issued, much the same as before. However this allows us to keep track of multiple violations of the same type by the same person in an easier manner. Why tell us? Because it's our policy to not keep things from our members. We don't want anyone to feel blindsided. Sincerely, Lilythe and the DaM staff!
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    Boys Versus Girls

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    Ready to Archive Romulus's Arrival

    "Sounds like an eventful trek through the forest." She looked down at his jeans as he pointed them out Grateful that there didn't appear to be an injury to anything more than the clothing, Lilythe let out a soft sigh. Things were ramping up again. Nearly every returning camper had stories of being attacked, and that couldn't be good. As Romulus asked his final question she nodded softly. "It would seem so. You aren't the first returning camper to tell me these stories. And of course all the new campers usually have a similar tale. I wonder who's up to something out there." She looked off in the distance for a bit as if trying to imagine a foe they could face. After a couple moments she shook her head and her smile returned. "I suppose I'm worrying over nothing though. If it was really important the Oracle would come out and tell us something, right? So... I'm probably just paranoid." Indeed, anymore Lilythe was the only one left at camp who'd been through the Titan War. So naturally, she was a little more worried about these things than the rest of the campers. ((I am so sorry for the delay, I was moving this week. I am now completely settled in! To answer your question, yes. The Big Three definitely attract more attention than other demigods))
  19. Site Setting What if the Greek Gods and Goddesses of old weren't just a story? What if they were still alive today, and continuing their interactions with mortals? The result would be a hidden world in which demigods existed and monsters were real. That is the world Rick Riordan brought to life. In this world demigods are living among us and they seek refuge from the monsters of old at a summer camp known as Camp Halfblood. Demigods are the children of a singular god and a mortal. Godly procreation isn't always as straightforward as mortal procreation, and sometimes children are born out of the thoughts of gods interweaving with the thoughts of mortals. The result, however, is always the same: a child with abilities far above the normal, ADHD, the ability to read Greek, and monsters seeking them out. Welcome to the world of Demigods and Monsters. The Story Thus Far... The Titan War ended in 2009. After the war was over, Percy Jackson made the gods promise to claim all their children by the age of 13. This led to a massive influx of campers at Camp Halfblood as long abandoned children suddenly were claimed. Years have passed since then, and other major wars have been fought, a god has been cast from Olympus, and still the Camp went on. Many years have passed since then and the world has been at peace. For now...
  20. Plots, Canons, and Want Ads. Oh my!

    There are new want ads, character plot applications, and site canon applications available! 

    Book canons will be listed after Lilythe moves ?

  21. Announcing Character Plots! For those of you who have wanted a way to develop your character and work towards becoming a Champion Member, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Character Plot applications! A Character Plot is a planned out course of events that involve your character and other characters on the site (other campers or perhaps deities, mythical creatures, etc.). These plots can be for personal character development, adventure, or quests and have a similar application process to your character creation. All plots are reviewed by Lilythe and one other staff member for consistency and appropriateness of character. Once a plot is approved, you will need to complete all the events listed in the plot for it to be considered completed. However, once the plot is complete everyone who participated in at least 5 of the roleplays from start to finish will be awarded a medal for completing a character plot! We hope that this will encourage our members to work together towards helping one another achieve desired events for their characters. This opens today, and we hope to see you all make use of it soon! Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff
  22. If we want more writers, we need to bring people over! Advertise, bring your friends, anything! 

  23. Creature Reserve/Claim The gods don't only have children with mortals. Nor are they the only individuals who spawn powerful children. There are many mythical creatures in this world--both god born and not--who are fantastic in their own right. They come in all sorts of varieties and each have their own personalities. To keep things limited, as they were in the books, we have come up with this reserve and claim. We will allow a new set of creatures every 6 months. Meaning this claim will reset every 6 months. The claims will reset every May 31st and November 30th. What is the difference between a Reserve and a Claim? A spot that is Reserved allows a writer to take two weeks to write an application in an attempt to get approved for that age for their character. It prevents another writer from coming in and taking that spot while the first writer works on their profile. Reserves last for only two weeks, and then the position opens once more for anyone else to apply for. A Claim has completed the profile and is attempting to get acceptance to permanently hold that position. Once someone's application is 'approved' the character will be granted the age, and they will come here to claim their spot. In order to claim your age spot your application has to have been approved and you have to have posted in "the claiming". Can I take out more than one Reserve at a time? No. We need to allow other writers the opportunity to have a Mythical Creature for a character as well. You are limited to one per cycle. How often does the Reserve/Claim renew? On May 31st and November 30th every year the claim will reset back to 0. The previous owners do not lose their parent, but rather are considered part of the mainstream population now to allow for a new batch of hopefuls. Current List of Claims and Reserves Satyrs Current List -??? -??? -??? -??? -??? Centaurs Current List -??? -??? -??? -??? -??? Nymphs Please make sure you specify which kind of Nymph you are. A list can be found on the Wiki for those who are not familiar with the types. Current List -??? -??? -??? -??? -??? Empousa Current List -??? -??? -??? -??? -??? Application Please post the appropriate application below. Your application will be reviewed by the Moderator and Administrative Team. Reserves. You have two weeks from the date you reserved the spot to post your character application for claiming. Once you post below, for a reserve, feel free to start working on the character application. Any conflict with your request will be addressed via PM. (i.e. no room on the reserve due to prior requests) Claims You will be notified by PM if you have been approved accordingly. If you have been denied you will also be notified via PM and encouraged to re-reserve and make an additional attempt. Reserve Alias: Character Name: If you don't have one yet, that's okay, but it must be on the profile when you come back to claim. Creature Reserving: Reserve Date: Type today's date Claim Character Name: Creature Claiming: Link to Approved Profile: Make sure your profile is listed here for the administrator to review.
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    No problem ?
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    Nope! Not a problem at all! Because as far as I know that’s the only camp for Greek children so that’s fine :3 The DiAngelo’s were relocated from itsly after all!