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  1. Lilythe

    Important! Character Reactivation

    Character Reactivation We get it, life happens and you get busy and forget to post in the activity check. We've all done it. This is your quick and easy reactivation! All you have to do is provide a link to your "inactive" profile and give us the appropriate sorting groups, and you'll be on your way! Form Account to be Reactivated: Member Groups: (what groups were they? we have a list, but this will speed things up!) Link to Inactive Character's Application
  2. Lilythe

    Activity Check! Activity Check #1

    Alias: LilytheCharacter: Lilythe RayneKeeping/Retiring/Inactive: Keeping Character: Aislynn O'NeilKeeping/Retiring/Inactive: Keeping
  3. Site-Wide Activity Check Hey there everyone! Just stopping in to check and see who is still active! If you're still interested in being active on the site, please make sure you respond to this thread with the form below by December 1st. Anyone who does not respond will be re-sorted to inactive and will have to go through the re-activation process in the Help Desk area. If you have more than one character, please fill out the form for each character, but do so in one post (for example, if you have 5 characters, just create one post in this thread on your primary account but include each character on it). Form Alias: Character: Keeping/Retiring/Inactive: Who's Who? Antavas Tenebris Umbra -- ??? AzureMoon Adrian Moonwolf -- ✔️ Conni Romulus Sterling -- ??? Lilythe Lilythe Rayne -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Nix Streylan Karalis --✔️ Zoey Mitchell -- ✔️ Staff Account -- ✔️ Sev Adelaide Young --✔️ Taylor Alexander Frederickson -- ??? Excalibur Staff Account -- ???
  4. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

  5. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

    64! Girls, where are you? Come help me out here!!!
  6. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

  7. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

    *ahem* cheater, it would only have been 62 So... 64 now!
  8. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

    64 dang it! xD
  9. Our Mythical Creature Reserve/Claim is now Live! As you can probably guess from the title, we are pleased to inform you that you can now create creature characters. For now we have a limited selection of Satyrs, Centaurs, Nymphs, and Empousa. However as our site grows, so will the list. To check out the claim, please visit here Sincerely, Lilythe and the Demigods and Monsters Staff
  10. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

  11. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

    64 :3
  12. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls

    Teehee thanks for the help, but you're writing a boy so you're supposed to make it go down xD 64
  13. Lilythe

    Important! Site Glitches Help Desk

    Site Glitches Help Desk We'd like to think that the Admins know everything, that the Moderators are super heroes, and that the Support Staff have magic wands they can wave to fix things. But we don't. Sometimes we mess up and don't realize it caused a bug on the site. Below you'll find an array of topics and forms you can fill out to help us get to fixing the glitch faster! Help the Prefix I need isn't there! So you want to create a forum for your Character Plot, or one that's Open, or one that contains Mature content, but you can't find the Prefix you need. Or maybe you're ready to archive your thread. You're just done with it and ready for it to go into the archive. You go to put the prefix there and whoops! Staff forgot to approve it for that forum! Form Character Name: (remember, must be FirstName LastName setup, your character's name. Alias accounts are solely for staff members) Desired Prefix: (which prefix were you trying to use?) Forum to use it in: (In which forum were you trying to put your thread? Be as specific as possible) Other For anything else related to site glitches! Form Type of Glitch: (is it account based, permissions based, or coding based... best guess is okay) Description: (What's going on?) Pictures: (if possible, so we can see it)
  14. Dear Members, Lilythe has automated the warning system. How does this impact me? In reality, it shouldn't. It still operates in much the same way as before. You will be first sent a PM to ask you to fix something. If you don't comply the warning will be issued, much the same as before. However this allows us to keep track of multiple violations of the same type by the same person in an easier manner. Why tell us? Because it's our policy to not keep things from our members. We don't want anyone to feel blindsided. Sincerely, Lilythe and the DaM staff!
  15. Lilythe

    Boys Versus Girls