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    Nope! Not a problem at all! Because as far as I know that’s the only camp for Greek children so that’s fine :3 The DiAngelo’s were relocated from itsly after all!
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    We're excited to have you! Feel free to invite friends too. :3 Don't paste the code into a Word document. It will screw it up when you go to paste it back. Make sure you're doing it in Note Pad (or your operating system's equivalent) so that it doesn't mess with the code when you go to paste it back. You can also post the application with the tag "In Progress" so we know you're working on it and not ready to review it if you'd rather just work on it on site :3 You can always go back and edit it after you've posted it so long as you leave the "In Progress" tag on it.
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    Thank you! I am just busy with my character app... slow going with working with the coding (I just get a little lost and miss steps lol). Excited for when we get more people!